Knitting free for all! need ideas!

I finished my Xmas knitting :cheering: It’s even all boxed up and ready to go in the mail :happydance: So i started a project for me because until june or july when i have to start on the xmas knitting again :roflhard: I want to make stuff for ME!!! :heart: i started the super easy socks on straights with basic k2 p2 ribbing and just seam up. But my question is… I sat and communed with my yarn today, bought another big ol plastic drawer container and figured out what i have and what i dont (ha! not much i DONT have! :drool: ) and the thing is i have a LOT of beautiful yarn, but not a whole lot of patterns to play with. Anyone have any great ideas on poncho or shawl type stuff that they have been wanting to make for themselves that I can make for me and you can live vicariously through my enjoyment??? :whistle:

I’m coveting this.

Fetching is a good stash-buster if you have just a bit of worsted.

If you have some bulky yarn, I’m doing a “sampler” scarf right now. I cast on 24 stitches, then worked k2p2 rib for a bit, then 4X4 basketweave, then stockinette with a garter stitch border, then…something else with 24 stitches. It’s turning out very nice.

For finer weights of yarn, especially if you have just a bit, try making a little lacy triangular neck scarf - just cast on 3 or so, then increase at the ends. I think that would be lovely in a lightweight mohair or silk with large needles.

I am a total handbag nut so I would knit myself handbags. Well, to tell you the truth, I finished my Christmas stuff and it is all shipped or wrapped including a birthday present so I sat this morning and wound two skeins to start this great felted tote for me. So, what I am knitting right now, a newborn sunsuit for my grandbaby to be! I just have so much more fun knitting for the baby or for someone else! I really covet the handbag though so I need to work on it.

There are certainly some gorgeous shawl patterns out there and if you like shawls or shrug go for that!