Knitting for the grandkids is the Funnest

Here is a dress for Lexi (she put it on and said “I look cute!”.

Also a picture of Mikey and Lexi together. That’s the sweater that Mikey loves so much that I’m not too proud of. But he sat by me as I finished the 2nd cuff and waited so anxiously for it to be finished. Very sweet.

There was one important detail I forgot to mention. Slim had posted a link to a more invisible increase, which I used on this dress, and it was really a good improvement I thought. Here’s the link she provided:

Your grandchildren are adorable! What a beautiful dress. And your grandson looks great in his sweater, he loves it and is proud of it, so that is what matters. And a turtleneck can easily fit underneath.

aww what cuties they are and you can tell that they love them. Great job :thumbsup:

Awwww! They look adorable!

Here is a dress for Lexi (she put it on and said “I look cute!”.
Lexie had that right. Her comment made me smile. It is so sweet the way they say what they think and don’t care if it might be considered politically correct or not.

Mikey’s sweater might be a little loose, but loose spells comfort and I think it looks good on him.

:inlove: she’s right, she IS cute!! And so is your grandson~the little dress is adorable and so is the sweater-love the red and blue, so bright and cheery! No wonder he loves it!

AWW they look so cute and happy. I love how the dress came out. It is perfect for her.

Oh, they are so cute. How sweet that they are so appreciative, that is really great.

They both look so cute! :slight_smile:

She’s right: she does look cute! And your grandson looks cute in his sweater, too.


They are the cutest kids :slight_smile: And they look adorable in there new knitted clothes:)

They are adorable and look so happy in their new knits.

They are both too cute! Great job, Grandma!

They are both cute and their outfits are just as cute as they are.

Oh Gramma, you must be so proud of your GEMS!!!