Knitting for profit?


In the past I had knitted for several people who they were willing to pay me for doing it so I said yes but my mistake was. If the people who wanted a garment done and they can’t get to the yard shop to get the yarn so I offered to get it for them and make it, once I had finished the garment thay didn’t want it and I was stuck with it. It kept me busy and It’s a hobby I love doing.

So if it’s done properly can this be a profitable business? and wondering if any of you guys had the same expereience as me with people.


Profitable…maybe if you aren’t figuring in your time. If you actually put a dollar amount on your time then the answer is probably not. Few if any will actually pay the amount a hand knit sweater is really worth.


I agree with Jan,if I made a sweater for someone I would charge upwards of $200, so when folk ask I just say they can’t afford me.
I also offer to teach them to knit-but I’ve never had any takers on that


What they said. We’ve had a few threads on this subject. It is possible, but you’ve really got to be able to knit really fast in order to even come close to being able to knit for a reasonable rate.


I also don’t think you could charge enough to cover your time. However, if you love to knit as a hobby, maybe you could charge a set fee per garment plus the cost of the wool. Then you are still able to do something you enjoy, and make a small profit. Or maybe you could just knit up a few things and once you have enough take a stall at a local market or car boot sale. Cute baby and kids clothes would do well, I reckon. Or there’s always ebay. Good luck!!


You can set up a shop on Like everyone said, it’ll never be worth the time spent, but at least it makes up for the material costs. Most importantly, there is nothing like joy of knowing someone willing to pay for your work.


Selling on Etsy, flea markets or crafts fairs would be nice. I wouldn’t make a garment for someone unless they purchase the yarn or give you the money for the yarn up front. If they decide they don’t want it later the only thing you are out is your time.


A few times my wife has been wanting to give some garment away to some people and there has been a deadline (for example Christmas, or someone traveling at a certain date to the receiver). At those times it has happened that she has asked me to knit the garment as I am a faster knitter.

While this is not exactly the same as selling garment, it has given me enough of experience of it that I know I do not want to knit for profit. When you have a receiver and a deadline (a customer does not want to wait forever), it is not the same calm and relaxing knitting as otherwise. For me knitting is a way of winding down from all the stress and chores.

Most of the stuff I have knitted has been given away, but I prefer to find a receiver after I have knitted it rather than having a waiting (and maybe demanding) receiver already from the beginning. It also gives me the freedom to knit whatever I feel an interest for and to do experimentation and own designs.