Knitting for Parrots!

I belong to an organization called “Best Friends”. . They are currently looking to have some sweaters knitted/sewed/crocheted for their parrots! They have some parrots that pluck their feathers and they have found that these sweaters make a great distraction to the parrots!

You can read more about it at this link!

I know it’s christmas time and many of us are busy with our christmas knitting, but I know that they would be happy to get any sweaters even if they came after christmas!

There is a pattern (knit for penguins) that is listed in the comments (at the bottom of the page). I’m not sure of all the specifics yet, but if I find out anything else I will post.

Just thought I’d spread the word! I know how wonderful knitters/crocheter’s/sew’rs are!


What a wonderful idea! I’ve knitted all kinds of things - but never, ever considered birdie sweaters.

This is soo right-on. Feather-plucking is a huge problem with such intelligent creatures. They get bored so easily. I’ve seen some that, except for their heads, look totally ready for the pot, poor things. And they shiver constantly without their feathers.

I know that parrots don’t consider yarn as something chew-able; but I would suggest none-the-less that the birdie sweaters be as free from dyes as possible. Maybe cotton?

And, umm, how do you get the bird to tolerate putting-on their sweater? I have to catch my African Grey with a heavy-duty towel to keep her from biting me when nails get trimmed. lol.

Thanks again for such a wonderful, considerate posting!

Parrots plucking out their own feathers? That’s SO sad!
If they do it out of boredom, as Dorothy Dot suggests, wouldn’t the solution be to give them more to do (toys, videos?) or more attention?

I have an African grey as well and his father was a feather plucker. It doesn’t matter what you give them as far as toys once they start the behavior. It just becomes a habit for them. And once they destroy those feather follicles, that’s it, they can’t grow feathers back :frowning:

Some of it has to do with stress. It’s a reaction to pluck the feathers. I think the sweaters help keep them from plucking the feathers as well as give them other sorts of stimulation/distraction.

Most of the animals that are brought to Best Friends are rescued. So the chances that there are stressed is very high!

The sweaters just provide comfort and a distraction to an already stressful situation!


Hi, Danielle!:waving:

I visited this website and am totally amazed at the work they do - so needed, so compassionate!

Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. :clink: I think in the pressure of day to day living and coping, we can forget the plight of the truly helpless creatures among us.

So maybe we can help. I hope this post of yours gets lots of parrots happily snuggled in their much-needed sweaters. I, for one, will contribute.

Thanks again!

Ruthie :hug:

Someone has posted a simple knit pattern on that post. It’s at the bottom with the comments. I haven’t tried it myself (Plan to after I finish my christmas clogs) but reading it seems quite simple!


P.S. Thanks to all those that took the time to look at the website even! This organization is WONDERFUL and everything they do is by volunteers. One of our pet snuggles that the KH charity group here is knitting will be sent to them. I have also knitted up some catnip toy to include in the package when the blanket is done!

They have gotten a knit pattern up for knitting a parrot sweater.

ALSO they have a pattern (on the comments at the bottom of the orginal post) that tells you how to make one out of an exisitng sock! So you don’t even have to knit one if you don’t want to!

Just passing along the new information!