Knitting for newborns?

Hey everyone! I have a pregnant friend who is so near and dear to me. I want to knit her stuff for the baby but I don’t want it to be stuff he won’t be able to use for months and months. I’m 75% done with a baby garter stitch blanket and will also make a couple little hats, probably.
Does anyone know great free patterns for really young babies? Maybe even a set? Like a little jacket or something and hat and booties or whatever that all go together?

Does anyone know how to make a baby surprise jacket the appropriate size for like, newborn to three months or something?

Mag knits has a pattern for a hooded blanket. I’m making several of them out of peaches and cream for bath blankets. Also Mason Dixon has a baby kimono pattern in it that would be great for a newborn.

Here are tons of patterns

I have seen this set made up in LYS, really cute

This looks good too

A friend of mine made this. It was very pretty but smallest is 6 months

Another cute looking set

The best bootie pattern is the one on the DIY network for the Baby Uggs…absolutely adorable.

As for the BSJ, to size it small, you could use baby weight yarn and small needles 3.00 mm (ish); or you could use Sports/DK yarn and 4.00 mm, and it would fit for a bit longer. I made one out of worsted and 4.00 mm needles and it fit my son at 12 months (but he’s on the smallish size).

hope this help.

if it’s a girl,this pattern is really cute, and incredibly easy!

The thing you want to remember, if you make something teeny-tiny for the newborn like a sweater or other wearable, they will only be able to wear it for 2-3 months since they grow so fast. And depending on your climate, they may not be able to wear that size at all in the correct season. Babies grow so fast that little sweaters don’t get much use. I’d stick with blankets and toys unless you want to go up to a larger size (12/18 months at least). Just my opinion (as the mom of 3 little ones who knitted a sweater for a friend and never finished it before she outgrew it!)


And if your friend has a big baby the tiny stuff may never fit or only fit a week or so before outgrown. They grow like weeds.