Knitting for Hunters?

Has anyone ever knitted for hunters? :thinking: I hunt with my boyfriend and his family, and i wanted to make them all hats for deer season…in “blaze orange” but i can’t seem to find any orange yarn that is “bright” enough. Any suggestions?


depends on what kind of yarn they can handle. Lambs Pride does have a bright orange color but it could be sort of itchy i would suppose. (Orange you glad M110–It is brighter IRL than it shows on my monitor at least) Of course there are safety orange yarns at hobby lobby type stores but they are usually acrylic, if that is a problem for you.

I think i might try that Lamb’s Pride…i’m not a fan of acrylic…i’m going to solve the “itchy” problem by sewing fleece on the inside of the hat. It gets very cold :pout: out there in the winter, so this would add warmth too! Thank you for your help! I hadn’t seen that orange before, but i like it!

Carrie4Bear - :cheering: :cheering: I hunt too!! I never thought I’d find another hunter / knitter!!! You could always dye yarn too, if you couldn’t find just the right color.

There’s Firebird orange here…

And there are some oranges here too.

You’ll have to let me know how your season goes!! Our just started last week (we’re bowhunters).

OH MY GOSH!!! That is SO awesome! I don’t bow hunt yet, but i did go out last weekend with the boyfriend, we didn’t see anything tho, too windy! I’M SO EXCITED to meet another hunter/knitter!! :happydance: The farm we hunt on is an hour away, so i knit in the car on the way up and on the way back (if i’m not too dirty). I got my first turkey this last turkey season (my first time hunting).

I’ve never dyed my own yarn…yikes! :?eyebrow: but i might someday! Thanks for the tip! and i hope to chat somemore with you about hunting!!

OMG! I read the title of this post and I immediately thought World of Warcraft hunter class. LOL Sorry… Just had to post that bit of funny.

I would be interested in seeing how the hat looks after you sew the fleece in. I’ve thought about doing that myself, but not for hunting. :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s my favorite Lamb’s Pride color…i tend to get a little panicky when I can’t find at least a partial skein of it in my house…lol

I’ve done this before, but with a scarf. I wanted to fix the curling problem, and it sure did it! Plus, the knit side was done in baby alpaca, which is SO soft, then the otherside with the fleece, SO soft! It’s delicious. :heart: :heart: :heart:

I’ve never done a hat before, but my step-mom is amazing with a sewing machine (she helped with the scarf) so i think together we’ll figure it out. I’ll let y’all know how it turns out!

For those who don’t mind acrylic, Wal-Mart yesterday had a huge display of Bernat’s camoflauge in greens, browns, and even some with pink in it!

:shock: don’t knit your spouse camouflage hunting hats unless A) You hate them or B) they are hunting something more brightly colored than a tree. :teehee:


camo might be good for gloves or a scarf though!

I’m a bowhunter…so a certain amount of orange material is not required where / when I hunt…but I never understood someone shooting at a person. When was the last time you saw a deer (or any other animal for that matter) that was camouflaged? :??

I think its cause some get trigger happy or nervous… forget the safety training… we always had to wear the bright orange but I was never quiet enough to keep going with my dad :rofl: he loves to bow hunt… but hunts all seasons… although with turkey season most in our area do not wear orange cause of fear it will look like a turkey beard… I hadn’t thought of knitting him an orange hat… might have to give that a try… he has been asking for warm socks to keep his feet dry when he goes into swampy places…

You can wear orange in deer season because the deer can’t see color, but they can sure smell you! :ick: And people will shoot other people due to the distance a rifle can reach, and some idiots see movement (not necessarily camo) and just start shooting.

You CAN’t wear orange in Turkey season because they can see 4x better than we can, and they’ll spot you miles away. So camo hats/clothes/gloves, everything, is a must!

Totally cool about the camo colored yarn, i’d love to see some of that knitted up!

Actually, orange camo is the best. Deer can’t see color, but they can see large blocks of color, and that is out of the ordinary for them. DH actually went to Joann’s (gasp) and bought some of the fake leaves to attach to his hat. (they make camo like this, but why buy more when we have tons!! ). It actually breaks up the outline of the body, which is unnatural in the woods as well. He was quiet impressed with himself when he was finished!!

lol yeah i always think of hunting as deer season because that’s when Dad would go. He also had the all white clothes for when he hunted in Fox season but thankfully he stopped that! …no turkey hunting was done in our house unless you count the hunt at the local piggly wiggly (okay we didn’t have piggly wiggly, i just like saying that and you get the idea.)


:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

That’s what I feel like doing on the cold and rainy days!! :rofl:

KellyJo, you are right! i forgot to mention that little tid bit…this is my first deer season after all. Which is why i’m considering buying pink camo! LOL, just kidding. :flirt:

I knit a basic rib stitch hat for my brother-in-law using Plymouth Encore, color 1383. It was really soft and nice to knit with too.

See the color here: