Knitting for Horses

Strange question, but, does anyone know of a site or patterns for knitting items for horses.
For example, I have a friend that talks about a knit item that is put on a horse to cover their ears and then it also has a section that lays on the front of the horses head. Must be a form of decortation when riding or having them pull a cart.
If anyone knows of such an item, please let me know or give me your suggestions.

No, but . . .
. . . Our daughter has horses, runs a small rescue, hosts an annual event, and has a website and forum, where you can post this question. I’m the admin, so I’ll add a category for you right now. If you post this over there, I’ll make sure Katie gets the word out to her horsey friends. If anybody knows the answer, it will be someone in that group.

I think the head and ear covering is a type of snood, usually in mesh to keep flies from biting a horses ears and eyes. Don’t think it’s ornamental.