Knitting for dummies?

hi everyone-

borders is having a 30% sale off of their dummies books…worth it to pick up knitting for dummies??? (because, yes, i am a dumb blonde!)


YES! It’s a really good book. I learned [B]a lot [/B]of things from that book and I strongly recomend it for you. It goes in detail about how to make different things, explains everything (increases, decreases, yarn overs, knit, purl, cables, lace, etc.) in great detail and often in both continental and english. Definately get it if there’s a sale on it.

Yes, it’s a good reference book.
30% off is a good deal, too.

Have you checked, for an even lower price?

You can get one for 5 dollars, plus shipping. Would that still be less
than Border’s price?


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I have the older version and found it helpfull for reference but to learn how to actually knit and purl I don’t think it’s the best source. But if you already know how to do those two things then it is worth picking up to learn a little more.

Wow, they wrote a knitting book just for me? :cheering:

I have this book, and it was one of the first reference books I got when I returned to knitting. There are errors in some of the pattern directions, and the illustrations aren’t the easiest to follow ([I]Visually Teach Yourself Knitting[/I] is better for that.) But I think the book explains the theory behind things like increases and decreases and lace patterns better than most, so I found it helpful. I’m actually going to buy the Crocheting for Dummies book at Borders, given that it’s also on sale.

You and me both. :slight_smile:

Speaking of errors in books, I found yet another mistake, after spending an hour knitting a new slip stitch pattern today.
Man, that makes me mad!! :gah: :grrr: :tap: :wall: :mad: :hair: :!!!: I just clipped the whole thing off the needles, and threw it in the trash.

So far, I’ve found 3 or 4 patterns with mistakes in them.

One was a cable pattern, but, I recognized the mistake before actually knitting it.

Anyways, before you buy any book, go to Amazon and look for the discounted books.
Sometimes you can get a book for a dollar.

Or, a PENNY!!:present:
A Good Yarn (The Knitting Books #2)
by Debbie Macomber (Author)

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Weekend knitting projects
by Margaret Hubert (Author)

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This was the first book I purchased because “dummy” books have helped me so much in the past. It was VERY helpful to me when I first started. Even now I go back to it from time to time. :slight_smile:

Border ended up not having the Dummies book! i was bummed! i did however buy the yarn harlot’s cast off book, as well as a book for teens and knitting (my 14 year old wants to learn), so all was not lost!