Knitting for Christmas cards

I go to a craft store every year to get supplies for Christmas cards. I make ten cards every year and consider myself done. This year, as I’ve grown so fond of knitting, I thought I’d make Christmas cards with something knitted on them…

But what? :??

I was thinking about making tiny sweaters with a snowflake or something on them, and have them hanging on a thread from a tiny hanger. Or knit a Christmas tree and use pearls on it for decoration. Or knit tiny scarves and hats and do something with them…

What do you think? Any ideas? Any links to inspiring pages on the net? (I don’t think I need patterns but I’d like some inspiration…)

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Last year I made tiny snowmen ornameants and angels. People seemed to get a kick out of getting an ornameant with their Christmas card. Plus if you make them small enough they will fit right inside the envelope and you don’t have to add extra postage :slight_smile: .

In Nicky Epstein’s Knitted Embellishments there are instructions for different knitted trees…I thought about making some and felting them to put on Christmas cards. :smiley:

I like the idea of attaching a knitted ornament, too. has some.

Ornaments are a great idea!!! Thanks!!! :woot:

I was thinking about knitting something and then felt it, but to be honest, my friends wouldn’t realize I had knitted it and felted it myself… They would think I went to the store and bought filt and used scissors… :frowning:

I think making Christmas cards will be even more fun this year! :blooby:

Here’s a darling little sweater!

The “Knitter’s Bible” by Claire Crompton has some greeting cards with knitted accents, but they’re just small squares with Christmas trees or hearts (for Valentines) duplicate stitched on them and then stuck to the front of the card with double-sided tape. You could probably just as well do intarsia or fair isle designs (snowlflake. etc) since the back wouldn’t be visible.

I really like the idea of the Christmas tree with the pearls on it. sounds VERY pretty!!!

This is a great idea … I would have never thought of it! I think I may have to look into doing something …

You could knit, with green wool, a big rectangle or square piece, felt it, and then cut out the tree shapes from it, and add the pearls. Or red mittens, or white angels, or… :teehee: samm

My MIL had a friend who was a weaver, and each year her cards had a piece of weaving across it. I always remeber those cards.

If you are looking for something flat, you could knit and starch snowflakes.

The little tiny socks with a keychain on them are fun, those could be done as christmas stockings.

If you aren’t looking for flat, you could knit up an angel doll ornamanet and put a little card in her hands.

Mama Bear

I like the idea of making little Christmas trees and adding beads or pearls. I might just have to do that!

Great idea, Anna! Make sure to take photos when you’re done!

I do card making myself and this year I also plan to do mini Christmas stuff. I’m going to do mini stockings, a mini christmas sweater, a mini christmas tree, and a mini star. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

[color=green]This post’s Swedish word/phrase: “Är det för tidigt att önska en god jul?” = “Is it to early to wish for a merry Christmas?”

So, I started my Christmas card making!!! Or to be honest, I started the knitting part of them… :happydance:

I decided to knit some tiny sweater ornaments, decorate them (“christmasify” them), make small hangers and put them in the Christmas card on a piece of string…

Any suggestions to what the decoration could be? Something Christmas-like…

That’s adorable! :thumbsup:

:cheering: :cheering: I love it!!! Perfect for your Christmas cards! do you need my addy now for my card?! :roflhard: :rofl: :roflhard:

That is so cute!! If you put them on little hangers, people can hang them right on the tree with the hanger.

I came across this today. These are beautiful!