Knitting for Charity

I am intrested in knitting small items for charity. Does anyone know of some places in the NJ area that might want either small baby blankets, baby hats and all size scarves?

I look forward to your reply.
Debbie [/b]

Do you have a Ronald McDonald Children’s Hospital?
Any non-profit hospital with a neo-natal ICU?
Women’s shelters?

Check out this thread.

Lion Brand’s September newsletter had a link for finding charities in your area.


one thing I do is knit prayer shawls. It’s a easy pattern and I just keep my ear to the ground for ppl who will need them. Cancer patients, new mothers, bereeved (bad speeling I know :doh: ), etc… I have made several and enjoy watching the recipients as they wrap themselves up in them.
for more info go to

Best wishes in finding your charity! :smiley:


I totally recommend a yahoo charity knitting group (I’m also a member):

All Crafts 4 Charity This group chooses a charity a month, and you can knit for whatever charity you choose.