Knitting for charity-Done!

I had not knit in a while, maybe a month when I did want to start knitting again but nothing inspired me. I tried knitting a couple of hankerchiefs for my girls but it just was not working at all. Then I remembered the burial blankets I was knitting a while ago, the pattern is very simple and I can knit without thinking so it can go fast (now if those kids of mine would feed themselves and all that!;)). I have already knit one in just over a day and started another one! My goal is at least 5 for 2 local hospitals in my area. I have 4 knit already so I think it should not take too long.

Update to my knitting slump:

I just finished 6 that I am sending out to one local hospital tomorrow! :woot:I am so happy that I am able to send these out to them finally. And I found a perfect yarn to knit more-Red Heart Soft Yarn worsted weight is perfect for these. Here is a couple of pics of what I knit:
these are the 3 boys, 2 green and one blue

and here are the girls, 2 white and 1 pink

I wish the pictures were better but it is overcast and yucky outside.

Next I am knitting some hats for a different hospital and then some preemie blankets for the hospital that these are going to.

So, off to start knitting again!

Good for you!

I know exactly what you mean. The repetition of knitting is very calming, and doing something for someone else warms the heart.

May you continue to find such joy in knitting for others.

hooray! It feels just really good doesn’t it? Glad you have your groove back!

Knitting is a calming relaxing hobby. Knitting for others gives it a warm to the heart feeling. It’s one of the things that you received happiness 2 ways… knitting & the giving… :hug:

Debbie, there must be something to this giving thing, whenever I am making something to give to someone else, it seems to go faster and I feel good about it.
That must be that Pay It Forward theme, give from your heart and hope someone else keeps giving in their own way.
Knitting is comfort food for the soul. Glad you got the knit back! :yay: