Knitting for animal charity

Even though the knitathon is dated 2004, it’s still a good cause. I’m making some blankets for my local shelter and for 3 strays who live behind my home :smiley:

Also, here’s an AWESOME bargain for your next knitting bag, especially if you’re a cat lover - I just ordered mine :smiley: :

Roxy, you’re great, you cat-lover you!

I got my cat Charlotte from a shelter. I would totally have more cats, if my husband wasn’t so allergic. Shelters do such important work, and they’re so underfunded. And it’s so tragic how many animals are put down, because a shelter can’t find homes for them. (SPAY your cats and dogs, people! PLEASE!)

I once met a very friendly stray that resided at a car junk yard. She lived rather well, for a stray, off of all the mice in the cars. (ick.) She was pregnant, and I asked the junk yard owner if he’d mind if I took her in for a while, so her kittens could get spayed. He reacted negatively, so I dropped it. Since then I always think of that cat, and how many kittens she probably had, and how many kittens THEY have had by now. They multiply at INCREDIBLE rates. I forget the statistics, but it’s something astronomical, for every un-spayed cat. I totally should have just kidnapped that cat! They probably wouldn’t have even noticed. And if they did, too bad! It’s not like they were being responsible “pet owners” or anything. I really wish I’d taken her; I would have had no problem doing it. I mean really, how often do you meet a friendly ferile cat? I should have just scooped her up and smuggled her into my car! …If I ever meet a pregnant stray again, you can bet I’ll do just that!

That cat bed is cute. I’ve got a knit, felted one on the free patterns page, too. Maybe I’ll make one for my cat. Her favorite cat bed is one of my sweaters which I left laying on the couch, and she discovered it. I can’t wear it until I wash it, so I’ve just left it there, and now it’s her favorite spot! LOL