Knitting for a good cause!

:thumbsup: United Way week is next week here at the office and I put together a basket o’ goodies between me and my favorite LYS this is what is being sold in the silent auction (amongst other baskets too of course) … I am pretty excited about it. Before we wrapped it up, the basket was so full of yarn and needles and other notions and books that it kept spilling out of the basket. I may have to bid on it myself just to get that Koigu there on the left… as though i don’t have enough already…lol

That is a great idea! I hope it raises lots.

I have to look into getting more staff here at home! :mrgreen: Then we can have better reasons to have fun stuff like this! :wink:

ya know you could bid on it…win it…send me the Koigu so it would be used!! :teehee:

Hope it brings in a lot!! :woot: