Knitting following rows

I’ve got myself confused somehow. My pattern says Dec 1 st at beg next row and every following 6th row until 25 sts remain.

Row 1=Dec 1 st at beg
Row 2=knit
Row 3=knit
Row 4=knit
Row 5=knit
Row 6…is this a knit or a dec?

I’m sure it’s stupidly obvious but I have a newborn baby so my sleep deprived brain can’t figure it out!!!

TIA. :slight_smile:

Row 6 is a knit row. Dec again on rows 7, 13, 19 etc.
Yes, sleep deprived makes this all the more confusing. We all can sympathize with that. Congrats on the new baby!

Lovely, thank you! :star: