Knitting flowers

I’m trying to knit flowers and have ended up with the incorrect number of stitches on three occasions and hope you can help. The pattern (Sirdar 4922) reads: cast on 66sts, *K1, cast off 9sts, rep from * to end. 12sts. I always end up with 8sts, what am I doing wrong? The way I’m casting off is K1 then K2 and pass the second stitch over the third.

Are you remembering to knit 1 after the cast off? When you finish the cast off there’s one stitch remaining on the right hand needle. You need to knit one more before you begin the cast off again That’ll give you 2sts between cast offs.
There should be enough sts to work the repeat 6x.

Thank you very much for that, it’s turned out OK now.