Knitting flat w/circular needles

I’m trying to knit an afghan of circular needles. And I’ve read over and over again that to use st st w/circ needles, you should only knit. But I’m using my circ needle just like straight ones, flipping the work and switching hands after each row, And when I do that, to st st, I need to alternate knit and purl b/c after I knit, the ws is facing me. Does the knit each row only refer to actually knitting in the round? Or am I correct or am I missing something? Thank you soo much!


Knit each row DOES refer to kniting in the round. If you are using circular needles to knit flat then you would need to knit and purl to get st st. :smiley:

Thank you again!!! I was beginning to think I was crazy!

I am also working on a pattern and using circular needles rather than straignt ones. When you said that you were: “flipping the work and switching hands after each row” what did you mean?

I am now doing rib stitch. After I am done with the first row do I simply turn it with the yarn strings always on the left side? :??

What did you mean by switching hands??
Thank you!