Knitting Flat on Circular needles - bunching

Hi everyone! I’m new to knitting and have just started my first project w/ a circular needle. It’s a scarf knit lengthwise. I can cast on fine and the first few rows look great, but by the 4th row, it starts bunching up. Does the weight of the piece pull the stitches tight on the cable? Am I knitting too tightly? I have no clue what’s causing it!?! :??

Thanks for your help!

I’m not sure what you mean by "bunching up."
I knit flat on circulars all the time, and if you have lots of stitches, they’ll gather up on the needle. That’s FINE!
If you’re knitting in Stockinette stitch, your stitches will curl. This is also NORMAL and you can’t do anything about it. I sometimes give my knitting a tug to get the stitches to lay nicely. So I guess what I’m saying is that you’re probably doing fine! Hope that helps!

Here’s a picture that may help me explain. See the stitches on the left are perfect (all 4 inches), and then the rest of the 6 feet are loose looking and not laying flat.

The pattern is the skinny scarf from the Knitty Gritty show on DIY network:,2025,DIY_14141_3520116,00.html

Every other stitch is slipped for this, so it won’t look like regular knitting. Did you somehow reverse how you were slipping?

If you think you were doing the pattern correctly, maybe a smaller needle will tighten it up.

I think I’d do a much shorter length just to see how it’s supposed to look with the yarn and needle size you’re using. Just a few inches.

I did a small swatch and it turned out right, just the long one is messed up, so that’s what made me think it had to do with the cable… I guess I’ll try again:hair: Casting on 400 takes me a long time.

(here’s the swatch that turned out)

That looks wonderful.

:think:Is it possible that you put it down and started knitting the wrong way? That could explain the difference in sides and the appearance of the hole in the middle between the two.

I was so:zombie: after frogging it 3 times already that I’m sure I could have done that. It just confuses me that it’s knit longways, but all rows are affected. I think I’ll go get some sleep and give it another go tomorrow. :passedout:

Thanks so much for checking it out!!!:muah: