Knitting first & last stictch of a row

I have read different articles that say that a person should knit the first and last stitch of each row of their work, making for earier and neater seams. Would some of you more experienced knitters please give your opinion on this. Thanks

If you’re going to seam I don’t think it makes any difference. :??

Most knitters find seaming easier if the sts are worked instead of slipping the first stitch, also if you pick up sts along the edge. A slip st looks better on an exposed edge, but if the edge is seamed, you won’t see it.

typically, I do knit the first and last stitch on my purl rows (they already are on the knit rows.) This creates a one-stitch wide garter column up both sides of the garment. It helps me seam, yes. But moreover it prevents the large loopy purl one typically gets on one side. It also gives a “finished” effect on the edges - so, seemed or not, it looks better. You can accomplish the same thing by slipping the first and last stitch on the purl side - if that’s easier for you.