Knitting DVDs

I searched the forums before posting this to avoid duplicating a previous question, but nothing turned up with my search terms.

I want to know about knitting DVDs. If you have any, which do you like the best?

I have several Meg Swansen DVDs and I actually use them for self-instruction as well as anti-insomnia. They are very pleasant and calming to watch and/or listen to at bedtime. I honestly believe I have learned things while in Limbo between waking and sleeping.

On the other hand, I find a Lori Knits video which I bought in a yarn store absolutely unwatchable. In contrast to M. Swansen’s natural presentation, the Lori Knits DVD features scripted content with super corny “jokes” and a very stiff delivery, especially by the students. The speaker’s eyes track back and forth as she reads the prompter. I’m sure the lady is very nice and a great knitter and teacher, but the video is not good at all.

I like Nenah Galati’s Sock I and Sock II dvds. I recently bought Sock II so I can learn to knit 2 socks at once on 2 circulars. (Silver hasn’t made that tutorial yet…hint hint :wink: :hug:) I bought Sock I in January along with Charlene Schurch’s Sensational Knitted Socks to teach myself to knit socks. Sock I and Sock II are very informative and to me reasonably priced.:thumbsup:

I have all of Nenah Galati’s DVDs as well as all of Lucy Neatby’s. Both are great for different things:

Nenah Galati’s are good instructional ones - if you don’t know how to do something (make a sock, do entrelac, etc.), you can definitely learn it on these. They cover the basics with not a lot of extra tips; she pretty much demonstrates everything at least twice (usually more) and the camera is pretty good about being on her hands for the demonstrations (although I admit to being occasionally distracted by her nail polish and rings). She goes from start to finish on a project, not just covering, say, how to turn the heel on a sock. It’s cast on to cuff to leg, etc., until the last stitch of your kitchener graft, all steps included. In between steps the camera is on her, “talking” to you face to face.

Lucy Neatby’s videos are more of a polishing off of skills you already know. She may have, for example, 3 different ways to do short rows, but that’s all she’s showing, not a whole project. One of the exceptions to this is the steeking section - she goes through quite a bit on that area. You see her in the beginning of each video and then at the end of each section, where she shows some work that relates to the section - otherwise it is all hands, yarn and needles with nice camera work (and a non-distracting background). Her voice and intonation are calm and even.

In a nutshell, Nenah Galati’s videos will teach you how to knit something; Lucy’s will teach you the finesse of knitting it better (or at least showing you options for you to choose your preference).

I bought the dvd ‘The Hand Knitter’s Guide to Knitting Socks’ with Leslye Solomon . I like it. it shows you how to create your own pattern for fairisle socks -thick boot socks- classic dressy lace socks-cabled socks-intarsia socks-ribbed socks-baby socks-angora socks-cotton socks-plain socks and christmas stockings.

If you’re a beginnger knitter at socks like myself , this is a very good dvd to have in your knitting liabray.