Knitting double strand varigated yarn

My younger son wants/needs a new pair of mitten for when he doesn’t want to wear his big ski mittens. He chose a variegated Regia sock yarn out of my stash. I would like to use two strands to make a firmer fabric and give me a shot at getting them done this season.

I’m sitting her unraveling 2 balls and I am not finding an even pattern repeat…is it likely I would find a repeatable pattern to match the 2 strands ? I don’t really care for the look of knitting with the 2 strands held together out of pattern.

Do you have a solid color that you could use for the second strand? That might look cool, he might like it, it would be much easier for you.

Unfortunately I don’t have anything solid that will work. I was in town today and went to the yarn store where I got this ball of sock yarn and apparently they no longer carry Regia - in fact the owner tsk-tsk’d me as if I was carrying Walmart yarn into her store. I left.

I guess since they are for a 2 1/2yr old who has asked 13times today if I got his new mittens done I better get knitting and just suck it up that the color is not my favorite. It’s either that or do taxes or sew a fly trap.

The customer is always right. You should not have been tsked and your son knows what he wants it seems. I recently did a project I was glad to evict from my home but my daughter is pleased. Get 'em done and move on to something you want to knit.

PS Are you sure that wasn’t 13,000 times he asked today? :wink:

I’ve given up trying to interpret what goes on in yarn stores. Sometimes I’ve wondered if the reaction really applies to the previous customer and that’s why it seems to be off a click, or two or three. Who knows?

It’s likely to be difficult to keep the two strands in register as you knit even if you could initially align the color changes. Since this color pattern appeals to your son, go ahead. He’s looking forward to having them and he’ll love and wear them

With variegated and hand painted yarn I think it would be impossible to match color patterns. Generally both just kind of look mottled/mixed when knit anyway unless they are long bands of color. I would start knitting and show your son. If he doesn’t like the colors then go from there.

Thank you all. I guess I was thinking since this is mass produced sock yarn that it would have a predictable repeat but I guess not. I went ahead and just cast them on and have finished the cuff. They’re not as bad as I thought they would be. It is shades of green and grey so I was worried it would look to much like camouflage.

Now if we could just avoid needing to wear mitten for a few days…oh wait it’s going to snow tomorrow:knitting:

Glad to hear that the beginning of the mittens is looking good. It’s not supposed to be [I]so[/I] much snow (and there’s always Boston to consider) but it can’t be long before crocus and daffodils now!