Knitting dolls/people?

so im trying to find a pattern because i want to make dolls of each person in our family. i know im probably gonna have to use dpns but the only patterns i can find cost money and… well, im broke.

anyone have patterns for basic legs/arms/body/head/etc???


Ravelry has them.

Perhaps your local library has books with them.

Hope you find one you enjoy. :thumbsup:

a very simple pattern for people dolls is knit in a sort of square or rectangle…you sew the legs together with big loopy stitches; no hands, cuz they look like they’re in pockets… you can also keep changing colors: black or brown for shoes; change to blue for pants, then white for shirt, flesh for head and face, hair colors…

It’s a simple doll that one knits for charity…do you know it? I think if you google “knitting dolls for charity” you may find it.

If not, I have a copy and can snail mail it to you if you like…or I’ll try to paste it in below. once you look at it, you will see how easily one can tailor it to people you know.


[B]dolls in photo knit by Sue Smith of Galiano Island[/B]

The basic method for making each doll is the same. Begin at the feet and knit a rectangle, and change yarn colours for each body segment.

The number of rows in each part of the doll can be increased or decreased depending on the individual design. Finished height of each doll is approx. 5 inches.
You need:

*Small quantities of Sayelle, or similar-weight yarn
*1 pair of 2.25 mm needles or maybe larger depending on wool
*Tapestry needle
*Polyester fibrefill[ul]
[li]To make:[/li]
*Work in stocking stitch throughout
*Cast on 32 Sts
*Work four rows for feet - change yarn
*Work 14 rows for pants - change yarn
*Work 12 rows for sweater - change yarn
*Work 8 rows for face - change yarn
*Work 11 rows for hat as follows:
*Row l - 4: Work evenly in stocking stitch
*Row 5: Decrease 5 Sts evenly in stocking stitch across row
*Rows 6, 8 and 10: Knit across row in stocking stitch
*Row 7: Decrease 5 Sts evenly across row
*Row 9: Decrease 5 Sts evenly across row (17 Sts)
*Row 11: (K.1, K2 together) 9 times
*Draw yarn through remaining Sts and pull up.
[li]To finish:[/li]
*Sew sides together to form a centre back seam
*stuff body.
*Weave a strand of matching yarn across the first face row. Draw up to form neck and secure ends.
[li] *Repeat for body, drawing in at the feet bottom -[/li]*With matching yarn, form arms with small backstitches through all layers from waist to 2 rows beneath the neck.
*Define the legs in same way from bottom to a little below the waistline.
*Embroider facial features as desired[/ul]

I know this might sound offensive, but not meant to be, But what about adapting the sock monkey?

If you’re not already on ravelry, join up-- it’s totally free. ( Once there, go to “patterns” and look up dolls. You’ll get lots of ideas and some free patterns.

Also, try this:

woodi- seriously, more than a thank you… you went above and beyond-- thank you so much :slight_smile: :muah:

the thing is that i have a brother that is a musician. i wanted to make a drum set for him and have it as similar to actual limbs and such as possible… i dont mind it taking a while, i just want it to be awesome, you know? ravelry wont work for some reason :think:

I lately found one of those dolls as woodi describes and shows. A friend of the familie made it for me. So I made one for my niece. then I thought of making a dress shape one. But haven’t come around to it yet.

i surely will not work for a drummer, though.

If you want pattern books for free, check the local library or LYS. you can probalby copy or borrow an issue.

How detailed do you want to get with it?

If just plain: look up teddy bear patterns. By making the body taller, the head a litte higher than round and no extruded nose, you get real close to a person!
I have a simple teddy pattern: two legs, made seperately, knit in the round, just start with a few stitches and increase a few rounds.

at the top of the legs: knit over all stitches in a big round, increasing 2 stitches or so between the legs.

now knit up a tube pretty high in this diameter. At the very top, decrease rapidly and close up after stuffing it full.

The top part of this will be tied off with a string around the neck and become the head.

Then knit two arms in the round, seperately, just thinner then the legs.

for a bear knit nose and ear. for a person: not.

I you change colours like in woodi’s example, the person wears pants / a pullover / etc.

not the most detailed but nicely cartoony! The features of your family members can be added… tall, fat, different hair style and so on (tie in… my doll had thick brown hair from under a cap that was part of the same rectangle, just in garder stitch to puff out some.).

the good thing is, too, you can make them any basic sice.
my teddy had 16 stitch legs, 14 or 12 stitch arms… just for basic.

I love this pattern too…, but… aren’t we supposed to just put links?

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