Knitting dishcloths......what kind of yarn?

I’ve been thinking of knitting some dishcloths but I can’t buy yarn right now. I’ve got a bag of cheap zellers yarn (no idea where it came from :?? , I know I didn’t buy it)…4 ply, worsted, 100% acrylic. Could I use this? Would it go funky or something when I used it or when it got wet?

Or is cotton the only option?

Thanks for any info.


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I don’t know how acrylic would be for a dish cloth. I can’t see it being all that absorbant, but hey I say anything is worth trying!!! :thumbsup:

I use acrylic for my soap covers. I say knit one and use it, and see how it works!

I think cotton is probably the best, but it’s worth a try.

BTW… Cotton like Sugar and Cream or Lion Brand Cotton is really cheap and you can get at least two dishcloths out a ball.

Sugar and Cream at Joanns

Lion Brand Cotton at Joanns

Thanks for replying :smiley: .

I decided not to use the el cheapo yarn lol. I went out and bought a huge skein of cotton yarn. I’ll get more than a few dish cloths out of it :thumbsup:

I found a good site with tonnes of patterns too so I can get a bit creative with them.

Yes Sugar & Cream turned out nice on mine. I’ve only ever done one but it’s a great way to learn new interesting stitches. Mine’s so pretty I keep it on the windowsill in my bedroom, ha. I just saw an interesting thing in
Woodland Woolworks catalog. They have lots of yarn but there is a picture of these washcloths made out of Himalaya Aloo. Aloo Washcloth it says and it’s made from NETTLES of all things. They say it resembles hemp or linen and it’s a little stiff, but softens up with use. AND (WHEW is this long winded) they say it’s perfect for washcloths because it 's an excellent exfoliative.

Interesting non??? I might try some. Although it’s $8.75 for 100 yds.

I’ve done quite a few cloths with Sugar & Cream, very inexpensive & a real workhorse :smiley:

I ended up buying the Bernat Handicrafter Cotton, Ultrasoft…one skein was $7.50 inc. tax…its a huge skein…340g. Its pretty too.

I got it in the Jewel tone…there wasn’t much selection left at the Zellers by my house.