knitting diagonal welt pockets?

Has anybody ever done a diagonal welt pocket similar to the attached picture except with a super bulky yarn? (smaller yarn is fine too) I asked my local store and they weren’t sure but thought they may be able to find out. I make big thick coats and I want to have some nice diagonal pockets for that maximum comfort :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ve done pockets like that for a child’s hoodie.

The construction is similar to a straight edge pocket except that you decrease along the pocket dges.

Can’t believe I’m saying this but if I were to try to do a pocket like that, I think I’d go with steeking the opening. (shiver) Obviously, would work best with wool yarn, but I’d do the following.

  1. Stitch around the planned opening.
  2. Cut the opening.
  3. Sew in the pocket. (I’d plan on a fabric pocket.)
  4. Pick up stitches along the edge of the top.
  5. Knit twice what I want the width of the welt to be.
  6. Fold over, sew down to the edge where I picked up.
  7. Sew down the ends of the welt.

I might actually even consider knitting the welt separately so I could do a tube and not have any edge stitches showing, then sew the whole thing on.

Neglected to mention, but I might also sew in some grosgrain ribbon for reinforcement. In a fabric pattern, there would be interfacing and facings serving that purpose, but not here.