Knitting cruise

Has anyone ever gone on a knitting cruise? I saw one advertised for June 9th to Scandanavia, I think. You visit wool factories too…
I am retiring from teaching on June 8th. Am thinking of rewarding myself with the cruise…hmmmm…Cast away…or cast on???

I’d love to go on one of those someday. Just float, knit and eat. Sounds ideal to me!

Sounds like fun…and a great way to reward yourself on a job well done! (I’m a teacher too!)

While normally the idea of a cruise does zilch for me, the idea of a knitting cruise does appeal. Just knitting with other knitters, no deadlines, no meals to cook, house to clean, people to see, etc.- what could be more fun!

While I’ve never been on a cruise, it’s my understanding that they have a lot of casinos on board. Ya think they’e cover up all the crap tables with skeins of yarn? Omigod, that would be heaven. 7 days of nothing but knitting and fondling wool. They wouldn’t even have to leave the harbor as far as I’m concerned.

I found this one…it is USA side.

Check out this Alaskan one…LOOKS REALLY GOOD…

I THINK I found the Scandanavian one is a knitting magazine…will check it out tomorrow and post again!


I think I like the looks of the Alaskan one…and the price is fair.


You forgot the wine!!! DON’T FORGET THE WINE!!! :eyebrow:

That IS heaven!!! :thud:

And yes, Cara, we can’t forget the wine! :teehee:

I am going on a cruise at the end of january and although it is not a “Knitting Cruise”, It will be for me. I can’t seem to leave my project for over a week without doing some knitting on it.

I will proudly KIP for all of the KH’ers who want to go on a cruise.

sounds heavenly
but I hear its expensive with all the gratuity and paying on the back end

anyone with experience let me know
i want to take my family someday (since I can never go alone)
Olivia/Olympia cruises does some I M interested in
I forget their names
but they send me stuff once or twice a year


At some point while visiting my parents for the holidays, my mom and I were sitting on the couch knitting. We were talking about doing a knitting cruise when my husband walked by and asked, “How do you know you aren’t on a knitting cruise right now?”

Very funny smartie pants!

I seen one that was a Ireland Cruise, it was all knitting, geared towards arans etc…I would be in heaven…lol

If you do an Alaska cruise (knitting or otherwise), make sure you go to the Nunavut quiviut shop in downtown Anchorage (right accross from the bus stop on 5th Avenue.) I spent so much time sitting in the bus stop wondering what was so special about musk ox fur, and now I know, and now I’m accross the continent, lol. I think they have yarn for sale there in addition to garments made from it.

My two cents for anyone that’s considering this and has never been on a cruise before:

Spend the money on the upgrade to a balcony room!

It is so wonderful to get back to your own room and not have to be around anyone. You can just sit on your balcony and watch the sun set - will a bottle or two of wine of course!

I would love to sign up for something like this but I’d need something to occupy my DH. Do you think they have a sports bar on there? :slight_smile: