Knitting Cruise

Hi Everyone,

I receive a Creative Knitting with Bobbi Matela Newsletter email and today it had this link in it which I thought was really interesting and thought I’d share it with you. I’m sure some of you may already know this but it was new to me.

How cool is that?! :slight_smile:

Wow! That is too cool! How fun to cruise with a bunch of like-minded people!! :cheering:

That is very cool!!!
Although…my next cruise is gonna be with my hubby :eyebrow: Of course, there will probably be knitting involved :cheering:

Jeez that costs two months rent! But if I won the lottery you KNOW I’m there.

[size=2]Holy crap![/font]

[size=1]Holy crap![/size]

I wish I had heard about this several months ago. When you need a wheelchair accessible cabin/stateroom, you have to plan/book your cruise at least 12 months ahead of the sailing date. That of course sucks big time, you can’t just pick up and go whenever the mood strikes you! What makes it even more difficult is that some able-bodied cruisers, who know the accessible cabins are larger, book these cabins just to get the extra space. This effectively keeps me from being able to go on the cruise vacation I’ve dreamed of all my life, knitting or otherwise!

Whoops, sorry for going off on a rant. I tend to do this when it comes to travel issues, as I have to micro plan any trips due to the both of us being disabled and in wheelchairs. The AB world rarely has a clue about just how hard it can be to find accessible accommodations at the last minute. Especially when you need to find hotel/motel rooms large enough for 2 disabled people.

Hi Linda,

Don’t worry about ranting, that’s what we’re here for, so you can RANT :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: all you want. :muah: I’m so sorry it’s so hard for you to book your Dream Vacation, but I read on the Knitting Cruise that they’ve done this for several years, maybe you can contact them to find out when the next one is and you can tell them about your situation and they can book your room in advance for the next Cruise. :happydance:

That’s a nice ideal, I wish I could plan my life that far in advance, but like everyone else my life is just to unpredictable to make vacation, or any other plans so far into the future. That is why I get so bleeping upset at the entire travel industry, but I’m going to start my own topic, so I don’t end up hijacking this one.

Wow! This would be SO COOL! I started to ask myself, “I wonder where the destination is?”, but then realized I didn’t care! :roflhard:

Able bodied citizens who rent accessible cabins just for the space should be booted from that room in the event that someone who truly needs it attempts to book a space.

When I see perfectly healthy people utilizing accessible facilities instead of leaving it alone for those who truly need it, it really bugs me. I’ve seen people put a handicapped sign in their car, leap out of the car and almost run into a store. Sorry, but they could have walked a few more feet. Meanwhile, some little old lady is hobbling by who doesn’t have that little blue sign. Makes me mad.

My one exception is that there have been a few times when I used a bigger bathroom in a truck stop on roadtrips when I’ve had the baby and my son with me and needed to make sure no one snuck away while I was peeing. And that still bugged my conscience.


Just for the record…You may very well have glared at me a few times but it would have been after I have dropped my mother off at the door and then gone to park the car. Even then, though, if there is a space that is only a few feet further that isn’t accessible I will park there and make Mom walk when we leave the store. As much as I encouraged her to give in and get the tag, I still can’t help but think that there is someone who needs it even worse than she does so she can walk! :wink:

But…to my point…sometimes they might be legitimately parking there! :slight_smile:

I understand 150%!!! I am disabled and on crutches at all times when we leave the house. Both Lonnie and I have become infuriated at the people who choose to park in handicap spots, as some of you have posted!!! My goodness, the parking lot was full at the SAMS last week (this was a rare occasion when I was actually able to be out with him.) and we had the handicap sticker in view and this woman and her perfectly healthy family pull in the place so we can’t :grrr: … Lonnie gives her the evil eye and she then offers to move…CAN YOU BELIEVE!!! Nevermind the restroom situation, OMGoodness, people will almost knock me down to get the handicap stall before me :!!!:
So, in essence, I’m with ya on the ranting, as you can see! Excuse me as I step down from my soapbox…LOL!

Big Hugs :hug: to all of you who understand and are compassionate to those of us who are not as physically able to get around as the majority of the world!

I know someone who went on a knitting cruise, but it was in a cold area. I don’t think that a Carribean knitting cruise would do it for me.

I agree. Shouldn’t a knitting cruise be in Alaska or Norway or somewhere else that is cold or at least is going to have good yarn buying opportunities? :slight_smile:

Oh and as far as the wheelchairs, I am righ there with you, babe, but I’m the one pushing the chair. My co-parent has to use a wheelchair when we go on vacations that involve a bunch of walking or standing (like at Disney) and it is very infuriating trying to manage everything. At Disney last trip we had to wait for several buses to get back to our resort because the buses can only take 2-3 wheelchairs or scooters at a time. So we stand there and wait for several buses to go through before we get loaded. Meanwhile people glare at us because we got to “cut” in line instead of standing waiting for a bus. Um, yeah. Whatever. They also look at us like we are somehow cheating because while he can walk, he just can’t walk far (he has very weak ankles that give out on him easily). Not long ago I had a friend who griped because she had parked in a alternative needs parking space because it was raining and she was just going in to the store for one thing. She ended up with a $500 ticket and was all upset about it. I just stood there blinking at her.

I wish they would give tickets here where I live. People are always abusing the spaces. It is not right.

I guess I had never considered not using a handicapped stall. With at least two children in tow and usually a stroller (or basket with a baby in it), I consider them fair game. Of course if someone came who needed it we would wait.

What was this about? Oh yeah the cruise. Sounds fun, I agree, cold weather would be more appropriate.

Isn’t every cruise a knitting cruise?