Knitting (crocheting) to knit (crochet)

Have you ever just knitted or crocheted something, just to have something to do? I’m doing a crochet flower scarf and I don’t really like the yarn, but I keep doing it, just to have some project to do…
Doing dishclothes, ok, but that’s something that has some use… Even if the yarn doesn’t look … astonishing … but some sort of very lacy scarf, in a rather unlacy (dk) yarn, in some very special color (variegated white-orange-red),… I don’t know what use it should have, because I don’t really see me wearing it… and honestly, I don’t see anyone else wear it either…

Of course, it’s a good way to learn new things… but just for the fun of crocheting?

Is it just me?

I can honestly say that I’ve never not had a project going that was for a specific purpose, so I’ve never needed to knit something just to have something to knit. :slight_smile:

Isn’t that a contradiction? You never not had a project going for a specific purpose, so it was NOT for a specific purpose, so you just had it going to have something to knit/crochet. That doesn’t rhyme too well with your second part of sentence…

i often knit just to have something to do… i feel so board with out something in my hands… alot of times right after i finish a big project thats taken alot of my concentration i have a hard time deciding what to do so i cast on stitches knit some rows then pull it apart and do it over and over till i decide what i really want to make … i have tons of things ive finished but they belong to no one… i always figure one day a use will pop up for them.

yup, I knit “just to keep my hands busy”, “just to see how this yarn looks made up”, “just to try out this stitch pattern,” “just to check for gauge,” and for any old “just” reason! Mostly, I’m “just” bored. :roflhard:

Daihatsu Opti Specifications

I knit just to be knitting alot. I joined the oddball blanket charity so that I would have a reason to knit.

I knit to keep busy but I inevitably bite off more than I cna chew so to speak and now I have UFOs running wild in my house that NEED to be finished before I can get more yarn.

…about Knitting (or Crocheting) just to Knit (or Crochet.)

Does that count? :slight_smile:

–Jack :guyknitting:

i bought a big-ole-ball of cheap ugly orange red heart just for killing time and trying new stuff like cables and corners and short rows just for the sake of knitting