Knitting costs

Hello for starters, I havea question abuot how much I should sell my things for.I have baby blankets and scarfs and stuff and I’m not sure how much is too much and how much is not enough? Right now I sell my scarves both short and 6foot long ones for 10$. I’m going to be selling my baby blanket soon but I don’t know what the price should be. In stores I know they range from 15-45. Any idea? :thinking:

OMGoodness, I couldn’t begin to put a price on my knitting; or anyone else’s for that matter. But I must say…a handknit scarf for $10 is an absolute STEAL!!!
Do you have any pictures of your items so that perhaps someone could get an idea of exactly what you want to price. Hopefully there’s someone on here that’s done some selling and can give u some ideas :wink:

ya I’m working on pictuers of them now…but I just prices it for 10$ becuase most of the scarves you see in Walmart are what 15$.

here they are as promised…sorry the picutres arent’ the best but the lighting in this room isn’t the greatest for a webcam.

you can’t price them by what you would pay for one at walmart. the ones at walmart are not hand made. there is the cost of your yarn and your time to consider. i have seen hand knit scarves go for a minimum of $20…and for more than $40 too…don’t undercut your work!! I heard the owner of my LYS that she usually charges about 3xs what the yarn cost.

Hildie had a cost system worked out somewhere based on yardage…OH HILLLLDIEEEEE!!!