Knitting classes


I signed up yesterday for “Pick Your Own Project” knitting lessons. Its 6 lessons, during the day for two hours each lesson. We can pick any project out that is already made up at the knitting shop. I’m going to try socks and a hat! So hopefully, I’ll meet some women that also have school age children & the knitting instructor won’t kill me with dpn since I’m a lefty :roflhard:


I wish I could find something like that around here. JoAnn’s has some classes but they always seem to be making stuff I’m not interested in. It would be fun to make what you want. Have fun!

Have fun :cheering:

I took some knitting classes last Winter at my LYS and thats how I learned to knit socks. She didnt’ offer anything this Summer that I was interested in but I hope she does for the Fall and Winter coming. :hug: