Knitting chart symbols

I have been searching for “standard” chart symbols, and hopefully “fonts” to download. The “Craft Yarn Council” has adopted standard chart symbols, however I don’t seem to find any reference to them i.e. a downloadble format. Kauri Knits has supplied a downloadable font that comes close, however it appears that only 6 or 7 fonts appear to agree! Is there some other source that I have not found yet?

I don’t know if you’ve found these but you might take a look:

I use the first one salmonmac listed - Knitting Symbols by CET - in my patterns. It’s not perfect, but a pretty common free choice among independent designers. I occasionally just use letters - CB, LT, e.g. - rather than symbols. As long as the chart isn’t tiny, works just fine and corresponds to the written instructions better.

There’s really not a lot of consistency or “standard” to symbols. If you check out Knitting Fool’s knitting symbols chart, you can see immediately there are at least three ways of doing a knit stitch on a chart and 8 for knitting through the back loop.

The big thing to to ensure you have a clear table explaining the symbols.

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