Knitting Charms


My children gave me a lovely Pandora bracelet a couple of years ago for Mother’s Day. Does anyone know if they have knitting charms for these?? Or even a ball of yarn??

Even when I look in the jewelry section of JoAnn’s stores, I can’t find any knitting charms or lockets for necklaces. :cry:

Any thoughts on where else to look?


This quick search on amazon brought a few up :grin:


Thanks so much!! Not sure how to find out the prices in US $$ though!



One of the businesses is USA based.

  • Business Name:Queenberry, Inc.
  • Business Type:Online Retail
  • Trade Register Number:800756100
  • VAT Number:GB178332980
  • Customer Services Address:
    • 1460 Shaffer Dr
    • San Jose
    • CA
    • 95132
    • US
  • Business Address:
    • 15287 Penitencia Creek Rd
    • San Jose
    • CA
    • 95132
    • US
      I didn’t think it mattered where you were with Amazon, that you could order from anywhere or have something delivered to anywhere!!
      Maybe worth looking for this business US side either on amazon or elsewhere, if they use amazon then they will probably be trading elsewhere online also.

This one’s in NY – only one style, a ball of yarn w/needles. But you have choice of silver or gold, etc. – a few choices here – some available in US or UK.