Knitting charities for Japan?


[FONT=Century Gothic]Hello everyone. Since the first day I learned to knit, all of my FO have been primarily for charity (what a good way to practice while contributing to the needy). My mom, sister, brother, and I are primarily donating to the homeless, but in the light of the recent disaster in Japan, I was wondering if anyone has any links or information on knitting for Japan.

I recognize that out of all the countries that this could have happened to, it happened to probably the most prepared country (Japan having a LONG LONG history of earthquakes and tsunamis, being located directly above the Ring of Fire), but still, I would like to contribute something. So, besides the question of ARE there any knitting charities right now for Japan, I would also like to ask, WHAT needs to be knitted? Maybe blankets for the shelters, toys for the kids, etc.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you all!!!


I have read multiple times that we shouldn’t actually knit anything for Japan (at least yet). What they need is money so they can buy them what they need. I donated to Red Cross.


[FONT=Century Gothic]I did not know that, thank you for informing me Jan in CA :slight_smile:

Okay, I will try to donate money instead :slight_smile:


I too will do cash however I did see this for all you quilters


Donated to the people at red cross at my daughters school. thank you for the link I’m sure it will climb up the google pagerank!


If you don’t have the cash to donate and/or want to contribute via knitting you can make a special pattern or item to sell, or do a sponsored knit


Excellent idea. :thumbsup: I know they had some patterns on Ravelry that were donating the proceeds of patterns to Japan for short while.