Knitting Cast-On & Live Stitches Together

Hi! I’m fairly new to knitting and am trying to make a summer dress for my little girl from Little Turtle Knits. Here are the directions in the appendix of the pattern:

[U]Closing the Casing[/U]
In this section, you will be closing the drawstring casing so that it createsa channel to run the shoulder ties through. To close it, you will be folding the top over (fold at the purl turning row), with the cast on folding to the inside of the body. Be sure that the fold is smooth and there are no wrinkles or puckers in the casing. If you look closely at the cast on row, you will see that it has a smooth line for each stitch, with a purl-like bump behind that smooth line.
To knit the cast on and the live stitches together, you will work as follows:

  1. Insert the left needle tip under the cast on (that smooth
    line part) so that the line now seems like a stitch on the
    left needle (see pic at left)
  2. Knit the stitch and the cast on together (same as if they
    were two normal stitches and you were working a k2tog)
  3. Repeat the two steps above until all but the last 5 stitches are worked.

Well, I took my needle that didn’t have any stitches on it and transferred the cast-on stitches. So, I now have 2 needles with stitches on them, but I can’t quite figure out how I knit the live and cast-on stitch together. The stitches aren’t next to eachother on the same needle, so how do I knit them together?

I’m sure I’m missing some very simple basic concept. lol :shrug:


You will have the picked up sts on one needle and the live sts on another, hold them parallel to each other ====== and insert your R needle into the first st on both the front and back needle. It’s similar to the video for 3 needle BO except you just keep knitting so the new sts are left on the R needle.

Thanks so much!

I figured out where I was going wrong. :woot: I was putting all the cast-on stitches onto the right needle so then I didn’t have anyway to knit them together. So, once I put one cast-on stitch at a time onto the left needle, I could use the right needle to knit the 2 stitches together.