Knitting Cardigan Beginner - Markers and Dec Row


Hi all,

I’m new to knitting and have made a few things before. It’s my first time making a children’s cardigan, so I am following this pattern:

I’m currently making the 9 1/2 inches body part, but I’m confused as to why it has told me to use a marker on every row. What happens when I do the ‘Next (dec) row’ (RS)? Does this mean I have to turn the knitting around?


Welcome to the forum!
Good for you for working your first cardi. Are these the instructions you’re asking about:
Next row: (RS). K30 (32-34-37). Place marker. K60 (64-68-74). Place marker. Knit to end of row.
Beg with a purl row, cont in stocking st, slipping markers every row, until piece from beg measures 7 (7-8-9½)"

You don’t need to place a marker in every row, just slip the marker each time you come to it.
For the decrease row, yes, turn as you have been doing at the end of the previous row and follow the instructions for your size. Slip the markers from the left to the right needle as you come to them.


Thank you for such a prompt response! I feel so silly having put markers on every single row now haha. I will come back when I have completed the 9 1/2 inches as this is quite a tricky pattern for me, but I’m looking forward to challenging myself.


What is the reason that I have to slip a marker on every new row?


You’re going to need the markers when you finish the 9.5" and start the dec row. Actually you could wait to add the markers until you are at the end of the 9.5" and about to start the dec row.