Knitting Cafes?

When I was looking through my new interweave I saw several adds for Knitting Cafes–mostly in NY. Has anyone ever been to one? What’s it like?

There’s a place in Downer’s Gorve IL called Knitche; it has a coffee/espresso bar. I think it’s too crowded, but as far as having beverages available in the yarn store, it’s pretty cool.

The LYS in my area that I love the most has a coffee bean blend made just for them and brews coffee in their store and offers citrus water (water w/ lemons, limes, oranges, etc. floating in it) and it’s all free!

I think the idea of a knitting cafe would be cool but as much as I talk–I’d get nothing done if you put me in a room w/ a bunch of people with similar interests…

We have Mabel’s in PDX. It’s very hip. and very dangerous.

I would love to see your LYS in Virginia Highlands. i always wanted to live in that neighborhood. maybe I’ll go visit this summer (I know its the hottest in summer but that’s the only time I get off). I have family down there and I keep telling my mum we should take my son down for a visit.

I went to The Point in NYC, which has a cafe. It was really cool being able to shop for yarn, then settle at a table with coffee and pastries either knitting or not.

It’s a smaller store with room for expansion and they say they are working on expanding. They have an online store that you can check out to see what they carry. I love it–I (and many others) think it’s the best shop around. There is one other nice shop but the people aren’t so nice…as a matter of fact the shop w/ the mean people has more yarn and several of my preferred brands but I don’t shop there b/c of the way those people have treated me in the past. I love Knitch–the people are great and it’s convenient.

You’ll have to PM me and let me know if you come down–maybe we could meet at the LYS!!

Yarn Garden and Abundant Yarn in PDX also have cafe areas. I don’t go often, but it’s nice to have a place to sit and chat, knit, and have a scone and some coffee (with access to stitch markers, needles, etc, if you get in a bind).

My hubby, sister and law and I have been thinking about starting something such. She has experience in wine and coffee shop managment, my hubbys passion is music. We’re trying to think of a way to combine the three into a successful business venture.

Any ideas?

I’ve been thinking of doing something like this too. I just need to find the right location and get the funding. I’d like to open a place that offers KH discounts, community outreach and instead of a “cafe” make it like going to a friends living room that just happens to have tons of wonderful yarns and if you would like you can have a cup of tea or coffee.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

We had a LYS called the Knitty Gritty Cafe that only lasted about a yr and a half then closed. :pout: Their first location was a bigger old building with lots of room and althought their yarn selection wasn’t extensive, the food and bev’s were delish. They sounded like they would expand their inventory. But, a new Walgreens was built next door after they tore down and old furniture place so they moved to a strip mall about 5 blocks away that was a 4th the size and way too small for eats and knitting and shopping. Our other place has bev’s but I think that’s more for the folks that go for one on one help and the who’s who of customers.
I really like the Yarn Cafe’ in Maple Grove MN, I stop there every trip to my brother’s and they have devine pastries and coffee as well as bev’s. Last time they were making turkey/chicken for sandwiches and it smelled like Grandma’s on Thanksgiving day! :heart:
Those places, along with some cool tunes playing overhead makes me feel like I am in a perfect place!

There is one by my job called Knit NY it’s on 14 and 2 Ave in NYC. It’s really great. My coworker and myself try to go there twice a month to knit. They have a really good selection of yarn and although I did not like them in the past, i’ve warmed up to them. The staff has gotten much better!

I sure would love to have one around.
And I too have been considering running something like it in the future. It would be goooooood.

Adirondack Yarns in Lake Placid, NY has a cafe. It was my first visit to such a place, and I liked it, except it was hard to get to the knitting books when people were sitting at the tables right in front of them.

About 5 years ago…a LYS opened called “Pastimes Knits”.
They featured big overstuffed chairs, sofas and end tables…free coffee and tea…and invited knitters to drop by and knit in the comfort of their shop. Very nice idea.

Then the other shoe dropped: they started having “Knitting Circle” times throughout the week…if you dropped by to sit and knit at that time…it cost you $15 to sit and knit with others. How did they justify the $15? They said that a shop knitter would be on hand to help you with your project.

That shop is now out of business…

Another LYS (that has been in business for eons) warmly welcomes knitters to drop by and knit…and the owner is generous with help…no charge. She does have official classes for a fee…but the ‘sit and knit’ welcome sign is always OPEN.

This same knit shop also allows our South Sound Knitters Guild to use her shop on Sundays (when it is closed for business) for our meetings! She gives our President a key…we let ourselves in…and close up afterwards.
Sounds like a small town? Nope, we are in the Greater Seattle area!
A big town with a small town’s heart! :heart: