Knitting Caddy

My friend gifted me with her mother-in-laws OLD knitting caddy - the free standing kind with a wooded frame. It’s really nice, but the material part of the caddy is old and worn. Does anyone know how to replace the fabric without de-constructing the frame? Or is there a company anyone knows of that would do that?

I have one of those that belonged to my Nona. I don’t know if its the exact same kind. Does it fold up? I have some thoughts about how to replace it. Do you sew?

You could cut off the old fabric and knit a new bag for it. Sew it over the poles. :shrug:

yes it folds, and yes, I do sew. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!

You don’t really want to replace the material with a knitted bag as it will not successfully contain your knitting equipment without a woven fabric lining.

I picked one up at a tag sale and have been meaning to replace the bag, so I just took a good hard look at it. The bag part was definitely assembled and put on the frame before the frame was glued together. The bag is also much more complicated that I previously thought, having an extra sleeve which wraps around the bottom horizontal rods of the frame so when you open the bag it takes on the shape of fully open brown paper grocery bag.

There’s no way to attach a new bag with a normal household sewing machine, so I think unless you feel like doing a lot of sturdy hand sewing, the best bet would be to make a new bag using the old one as a pattern, but sewing on velcro strips to attach it to the frame. As long as the velcro is well covered, your yarn shouldn’t snag on it. Or, you could use sturdy snaps. Then, at least, you could take the bag off for washing. The frame on mine is lovely, but the fabric part is ugly and torn, and honestly, I’m a clutz and need one I can wash. :wink:

Thanks so much for your comments…I had thought of velcro, but not the snap idea…I like it!!

You know, we could go all out customizing our new bags with just the right pockets, etc., to better fit our needs. I need to think this out. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a couple elastic pouch type pockets to keep balls of yarn separate when you’re using two at a time? And, some small closable pockets near the top for stitch markers, point protectors, and stitch holders. Hmmm . . .