Knitting Cables in the Round

So I found a cabled pattern swatch that I want to turn into a hat but the swatch was flat and I want to knit the hat in the round. Now when you knit cables flat you cable on the right side and then knit as established on the wrong side but when your knitting in the round there is no wrong side.

So do I knit one round as cables and the next as established or do I just knit every round as a cable row?

You just knit them on the front then knit the specified number of rows and cable again. You do need more stitches though because cables pull in like ribbing.

Hi Jan,
Sorry but I’m still a little confused. The chart for the pattern has row 1 as the row where you actually cross over with the cable, and row 2 as just knitting as estab.

So when doing it in the round do I knit the 1st row as the cable and then the next in pattern or do I skip the second row since its in the round?

Sorry I’m just still a little lost…

Cables are a lot like ribbing except for the row/round where you cross the sts. So if you work the rounds in between the cross over rounds as ‘knit the knits and purl the purls’ it should come out the same.


row 1 do your cables.
row 2 knit all stitches as they appear (knit the knits, purl the purls)
then do whatever row 3 demands.

IF the pattern should give instructions for the wrong side knitting that are anything else than “knit as established” or “knit as stitches appear” then you need to reverse that.

[I]a knit stitch is just the reverse of a purl. [/I]I guess you know that. Just want to state it for this discussion.

so if you would do a purl on the wrong side of your knitting, do a knit on the right side and things look the same.

If you would only follow your instructions for the right side / odd number rows, then everything would be squished because you do not gain hight between the rows.

use a stitch marker for the beginning of your rounds, that makes patterns a lot easier.

Alright thanks, I get it now. I was just confused since there was no wrong side if you still need those rows or not but that makes sense that it would only be half the size if I skipped out on everyother row. Thanks for the clarification.

no problem. Even when knowing that issue, I do not put it past myself to make it wrong :wink: I have a beautiful “rough lace” pattern in a hat I made. And it is only half as tall as it should be. Guess why :smiley: :smiley: Tired, distracted, odd handling of the yarn… well, excuses over excuses. sheer stupidity is yet another one.

well, since it did look good there I left it. But I was close to ripping it out again. Just because I know where it came from…