Knitting bummed

I have been working on the shawl in my signature fo rmy grandmother’s birthday…well, her birthday is today and it’s not even half way finished! :frowning: I don’t know what happened but I just can’t get into this project! I showed it to her last night at her birthday dinner and told her I had no idea when it’d be finished…it’s just going so slow.

I think I’m knitting bummed…I’ve never made anything for myself and I really want to… dh bought me a pattern book and the yarn for a tank I wanted but I’ve pretty much figured out that the pattern will be too big for me and I don’t know how to size it down.

I keep refusing to start anything until grandma’s shawl is finished but I’m finding that to be rather counter-productive b/c now I’m getting NOTHING accomplished… :frowning: anyone encountered this before… I don’t know what to do…

I got bummed recently, so I did a couple of stash-buster projects that each didn’t take more than a day or so (the hat took two days, but hey, I had to frog it, so whatever). Sometimes, doing a small project that you can finish really helps to motivate you to work on a bigger project.

Some suggestions: preemie hats/blankets to donate to the Compassionate KAL or your local hospital, baby socks to donate to the local hospital or women’s shelter, blanket squares for Warm Up America or a similar project, washcloths, soap covers, towels, headbands, wrist warmers, stuff like that.

And to re-size your sweater? Try just using smaller needles. Although I’ve never had the problem of a pattern being too BIG for me…

Good luck! :thumbsup:


Your gramma’s shawl is going to be beautiful when you finish it.

My MIL wants a shawl/cape and I looked at that pattern yesterday.

Please post pictures of your progress. What color are you using?

How about making yourself a dishcloth, simple scarf or something small?

We’ll :cheering: cheer :cheering: you on here to continue.


Carla–I posted a link recently under whatcha knittin…it’s a WIP. If you can’t find it, let me know and I’ll send you another pic…it’s gotten much further than when I took that pic but you’ll get the basic idea. I’m using an acrylic/microfiber yarn instead of the one called for by the pattern…it’s machine washable and my grandmother wouldn’t be able to hand wash anything. The pic I posted doesn’t really represent the color well–it’s a little more beige than the picture. The yarn itself is Plymouth Yarns’ Dreambaby DK in color 123/camel.

Thanks for the cheers…I think I’m going to work on some warm-up america squares or another baby hat.

I think that’s a great idea! The shawl looks great, but sometimes we need a break.

i kinda know what you mean… i’m working on a baby blanket and i SWEAR it seems like its been forever, (it think it’s like three wks now) and i was soooo excited to start it… but i just left it at my bf’s mom’s this past wk/end (and she’s mailing it back to me)… like THATS not some sorta clue… i’m just not diggin it… it’s like its a big huge mountain & i’m winded half way up the front of it & i can’t even SEE the top

and i started a scarf to do on the train (cause i’m finding the blanket a little cumbersome to be trekking in my bag)… and that’s stalled because i feel guilty i havent finished the blanket!

and yeah… i know a lot of you switch off from project to project, but i’m like this when i’m bookworming too… i HAVTA finishe the book before i start another… even if the plot SUCKS… same w/the knitting… GOTTA finish the project before i start another (even tho i tried w/the scarf)

hahah… i’ve got issues huh?
now i’ve got knit-ssues

When I get tired of a big project that I’m working on I also do a quick, fun project (socks, hat, scarf, etc) for ME! and that seems to help me get back in the swing. Your grandma will love it when u r done, I’m sure :wink:

I had the same problem with that exact pattern. The row with all the yarn overs and knit togethers is a real pain. And the row following it is difficult because you have to be careful not to drop any stitches.

I worked on it off and on for 3 years, and then finally frogged it. I’ve decided to make a baby outfit with that yarn instead.

I did finish a similar pattern for a baby afghan though. It’s the Feather and Fan Baby Afghan in “What’cha Knittin”. It took several months to finish. I finally just made myself sit down with some long DVDs and forced myself to finish. I gave it to my step-daughter a couple weeks ago, and she LOVED it.

Hang in there…it will be over one day, and you’ll be so proud!

Been there felt like that !! Do you know one time I wrapped up a half made gift (needles and all) and gave it to the person I was making for, with a promisary note. I’m not kidding. We both got a giggle out of it, and I did finish it…Now I myself am addicted to the “fish aphgan” they are fun , fast. I :heart: them. …So I hope you get out of you funk soon…Karen :XX:

thanks guys–I managed a few more rows last night and decided that I needed some incentive…I bought a bunch of sock yarn from kp last night…I really want to make some socks for mother’s day so I figure I’ll make myself continue to work diligently until the sock yarn arrives–perhaps that’ll make me get a little more done.