Knitting blogs you enjoy?

I learn so much from people’s blogs, so I thought I’d share one I’ve enjoyed lately:

Her regular blog is pretty entertaining, too.

Any others y’all want to share?


I love mutually reclusive’s blog, but I don’t have the link here…

I’ll post when I get home. :slight_smile:

The blogs of the KHers are all good as well, and most have them in theri siggy’s. :slight_smile:

I have a couple favorites.

Yarn Harlot of course!

Mossy Cottage Knits (check out her Dulaan project - knitting for Mongolia)

Pantopticon is my newest read!

This is why I think I spend more time reading about knitting than actually knitting! I wish I could figure a way to work the mouse/keyboard with my feet. :thinking:

I’m really enjoying Stitchy McYarnpants lately, she cracks me up.

Beautiful puppy pictures of Panda on Marnie’s blog.

I enjoy just getting on the various knitting rings and seeing what’s out there.

My personal favorites:

In addition to the ones in the blog section here,

Crazy Aunt Purl
The Crochet Dude
Bite This

Wow! If you could see my Favorites!! I have so many under there-I can’t even keep up with them. But I love Crazy Aunt Purl and JenLa, too. I also like also known as Fluffa. There are so many, and I look at the links other knitters have and often wander around looking.

I guess I must be a voyeur, because I love to know what others are knitting and what’s going on around the world . lol