Knitting Blanket with Sz 19 Straight Needles

Hi I am knitting a blanket for my aunt with size US 19 needles, 14 inches long, I don’t know where I found a pattern online but it said to cast on 60 stitches…I did using 2 strands of yarn, I am about 13 inches down and I was wondering how can I make a good guess how wide it’s going to be. I am still confused on the gauge alittle, there was nothing on my needle packaging that told me how many stitches would make what width. I am using 100% acrylic yarn double strands. Sensations Classic Rainbow in green from Johann Fabrics…I am happy with the blanket so far but wondering how far should I go down if I don’t know what the width will be? I didn’t like using circular needles because I joined my round and I like the straight needles better, Anyone else knit blankets on straight needles? thanks

You’re very limited by how wide you can go on straight ndls for blankets. You could opt to make strips and then seam them tog to get a full-size piece. To determine the size, did you do a swatch? Or, look at the piece you’ve worked. Determine how many sts are in an inch. Measure the # of sts over approx 4". Divide by 4. Example, 8 sts/4"=2. If 2 sts/inch, and you’ve CO 60, the piece would be 30" wide (60/2=30). If 1.5 sts/inch, it’ll be 40" (60/1.5=40).


If you’re 13 inches into it, you should be able to just kinda spread out what’s done & look at it. That’s how wide it is now. You can just keep knitting to whatever length you want.