Knitting bags

anyone have a suggestion? right now I’m just using tote bags, but what do you use??
I thought about this one, Bagsmith, does anyone have it?

cute ones at Webs:

Problem with tote bags is things can fall out of the top. (I speaketh from experience)

I use either those freebie messenger bags you get at seminars that have a zip top or flap that closes off, for smaller projects I use one of those cloth backpacky things that has a drawstring top.

I use the bagsmith bag. I really like it except that yes, things can fall out. But I find that mostly I lose my yarn needle. There aren’t many very small pockets. However, It does have a great number of other pockets that hold my needles, scissors, pens, stitch markers, etc. etc. very well.

There are a lot of other stylish bags out there too, but I haven’t found any in my LYS yet (I like to look at those things before buying). It would be nice to have a little smaller bag as well.

i am lusting after the Jordana Paige bag, myself

I use this bag I like the way its laid out although its a bit bulky so I can’t carry it with me everywhere basically around the house and knitting class… and when I go to WV great travel bag. You can prolly find it at a better price somewhere else if you don’t get the joanns coupons…

on the bottom row,the knitters tote (I tried to a direct link but joann’s website is running slow today) they also have the one skein tote too… I got this one too it comes up first but you can click knitting accessories to see them… I got burgandy and its great it will only hold prolly one skein perfect for socks, scarf, hat and it can be worn on the wrist or on your belt loop… makes it perfect for the mommy on the run :cheering:

hey, thanks for the links.
who is jordana paige?

there is a link on the top of these pages sometimes for her needle box. the website is

wow, thanks brendajos. those are GORGEOUS!!!

This is the one I won (not bought, of course!) on eBay recently and I love it. It’s SO light and zips closed and has pockets on the inside and one on the outside, too. I can highly recommend Janine King bags.

Here 'tis.



I have the Jordana Paige knitter’s purse, but am looking to purchase the messenger bag instead. It would fit my knitting, plus baby/kid stuff better I think. :slight_smile:

Yes, you probably need that bigger bag. more room!!
how old is the baby?

Oh no I see a bag on that ebay listing I may have to order!!

anybody have one of these??

This is what I got… and let me tell ya . I absolutely LOVE it…

But like anything it’s all personal preference… but this is big enough for me to carry all my needles, a few books, some patterns… all my stich markers, row counters, etc… and 6 skiens of yarn… and probably hold a couple or 3 projects

Click Here

:slight_smile: And that’s where I bought it too

I have the Bagsmith, and I love it. It stands on legs, so I have never had a problem with things falling out. MY big complaint is that there are the plastic pockets on the inside that A. should have been cloth, and B. should have some sort of closure. I am going to hit JoAnn’s sometime this week and see if I can find snaps that I can glue in there and keep them shut. I am considering just taking out the top row of the plastic guys.

Anyhow, I would definitely recommend going and peeking at one before you make the commitment. It works for me very well, and keeps everything together. (and the price is right. :slight_smile: )

yarnmommy, thanks for that review on bagsmith. I will be looking at it. So far it is the one I’d like by my chair to knit. As for carrying and knitting, I’m looking toward something else. not sure what tho. LOL>
Norman, that bag looks very interesting. I like the fact that the yarn is in it’s own pocket AND that it carries the tools.
I’m going to have to find somewhere that carries all these and see them in person. that’s all there is to it!
I love to hear of everyone’s experiences tho, with each bag and their likes and dislikes. this helps bigtime.

Norman I really like mine too… I like that the skeins of yarn are on the outside of the bag in their own holders but they feed through into the inside of the bag… No winding the loose yarn around the skein till I pick it up next time… just put my tip protectors on and drop it in the bag thats it… also like the way the inside opens up and you have places for your needles on the sides (12 spaces but some you can put 2 needles in), a pocket for scissors, 2 zipped pockets on the insed one large & the other one is kinda medium I think… then you have 5 clear plastic pockets so you can see what you have in there, a pocket for a pen that I just found the other day LOL… Then on the outside besides the 6 skein holders you have a place for a bottle of water and to hold needles right for your reach or a pen… I have right now 3 projects in it LOL my interchangeable needle case and a notebook plenty of room still… I also like the cushiony pad for your shoulder when I carry it to knitting classes… Its also great to just have at home and knit out of… I just zip it up when I’m done and the kids leave it alone great bag love this bag :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

dustina, that sounds EXCELLENT!!!
may be just what I’m looking for.
I found it’s at herschnerrs too (okay, probably mispelled) and they also are having a YARN SALE folks.