Knitting bag vs. project bag

What goes in a project bag vs. a knitting bag? I guess what I’m asking is: does a project bag just hold your yarn, needles, and your knitting item. And then a knitting bag holds all your accessories? I’m trying to decide what size/kind of bag to purchase?
Has anyone ever used the GoKnit pouch with the drawstring? It has a loop inside to feed your yarn through without with the whole ball having to be in your lap. Just looking for some input…

The Go-Knit pouches are good for something small like socks…maybe a hat.

Hmm… I have a smaller bag that I keep stitch markers, scissors, needle sizer, crochet hooks and other random stuff in. The smaller bag I keep in my big knitting bag to which I also add my needle roll and my project. I think it’s pretty much whatever works for you. The terms are kind of interchangeable.

I have project bags and a small knitting bag which I keep inside a larger knitting bag. In my project bag (which is usually a very large ziploc bag), I put the WIP, with needles, and the yarn for the project along with a copy of the project pattern (usually in a page protector). On the outside of the bag, I label it with the project name, the name of the yarn(s) I’m using for the project, the size and length of the needles and the date I started the project. As I usually have several works in progress, I may have numerous project bags around. I keep them in my large knitting bag, which is actually on of those sewing/craft bags that you see everywhere…the ones that are attached to a wooden frame that you can fold up and carry from room to room and then set open on the floor beside you. I currently have five project bags, labeled and ready to go. I tend to work a little on one project and then put it away and work on another one. That’s why I label them with the project/pattern name, etc. Sometimes a WIP can set untouched for a few months. I also keep my collection of needles in my large knitting bag. In my small knitting bag, which is actually a pencil pouch, I keep my knitting notions (stitch markers, stitch holders, a small crochet hook for fixing dropped stitches/runs, etc.)

This way I keep my WsIP clean, I don’t inadvertently use yarn I purchased for one project on another project, and if I want to take a project with me to KIP, I can stop at one place grab a project bag and the small knitting bag (so I’ll have my markers, etc.), put them in my purse and I’m ready to go in a second.

Thanks so much for the detailed info–that’s exactly what I needed. My OCD tendencies need 1, 2, 3, 4 instructions sometimes. :teehee: I’ve been carrying my entire knitting bag when I go places and it gets bulky, so that was what I suppose I was asking about. When you go on vacation, do you take the whole bag or just your WIP?

Best answer for vacations…it depends. If it’s a long car trip I’d probably sort through my bag a bit and not bring anything I definitely wouldn’t work on, but I’d probably bring most of it since the bag isn’t that large.

For a weekend trip probably just a project and the tools I’ll most likely need.

When I’m flying I take a project and extra yarn for another if I finish and just the tools I need.

I guess it all depends on the individual. Different needs for different knitters, and different projects.Like yarnrainbow I have one of those bags on a wooden frame.(Had two, but in a weak moment I let my daughter have one of them). Easy to carry around and then just open the legs up and set it on the floor. Also makes it easy to see what you’ve got inside. A few years ago I found the mini version of this same type of bag at a Dollar Store. It’s nothing fancy smacy, but then it only cost me a dollar!:yay: Now I wish I had gotten more. I use mine a lot to stick my skein of yarn in when I working on a project. Open it up and set it on the floor next to me. Keeps my yarn from rolling around to who knows where.:shrug: Jeanie in TX

You’re all the best!!! You’re so patient with me even if my questions are silly. Thanks so much.:muah:

Your question wasn’t silly at all! Just thought I’d let you know what works for me.

I have a stuff sack to hold all my little items and my circular needles. And I have this wonderfull roll-up-pouch, hand made (quilted) by my mother in law, that holds all my dpn in seperate pouches. If need-be that fits into my stuffsack as well.
inside the stuff sack I do have a few mini-zip-locks to hold my stitchmarkers, pointy needles and such.

My project bag contains enough of the yarn I am using to get me through the time I am around with it (like on a trip or when going somewhere). Sometimes I keep the extra yarn in a plastic bag inside so it does not get cought up with the ball I am using.

My project bag is just a type of canvas shopping bag with nice long handles that go over your shoulder easily and with a card-board bottom part that keeps the bag less tight.

At home, I just litter plastic bags and yarn bags (nice, really big canvassy ones I get at my yarn shop when I once again buy too much) around my office and my living room until I need to clean up :slight_smile:

This makes it easy to just grab my current project. I can run the yarn out of that canvas bag and do that when I can not place it anywhere else (like mostly in the car or train).

So: I did never really spend money on my bags / containers. I just used what comes in handy.

I constantly have the issue: What if I run out of project before I am there? What if? Rather take something else with you. Just to be safe. A sock maybe? or something… just to be safe. Is that really enough? How much will I knit? How far will I get? Oh, just throw it in…

Do you carry your “stuff bag” with you when you go places, or just the yarn and needles for the project? I tend to carry all my “stuff” everywhere thinking I might need it, then I never do… but who knows???

:cheering: :cheering: You sound JUST LIKE ME… I think you must be my good German friend!!!

I guess it depends on the kind of vacation you are taking. Most of mine involve “doing stuff” that can’t involve knitting… like museums, sightseeing, walking around a city… I knit in the evening or on breaks so an extra skein or two of yarn is more than enough. Besides, unless you’re going to be in the boonies you can probably find a yarn store (road trip!!) so it’s not all bad. :thumbsup:

I do carry everything with me on vacation (like my trip to Sweden this summer or the US and family this spring) because I just don’t know what yarn I will come by. I love shopping yarn on the road and even took a small folder with patterns I wanted to go yarn hunting for. I was successfull, really.

If I take a daytrip on the train (for work but just stuck in the train, mostly) I take what I need (approx). Lately I wanted to make squares for my blanket, and 2 of them involved cables, 3 over 3. I did not bring a cable needle and there were a lot of cables. Well, I would have had emergency replacements (and if I go and ask the diner car for a straw, you know) but I just braved it and practiced my 3 over 3 without cable needle. They all came out beautiful and I only got myself in trouble once (dropping and not noticing eeeek)

A crochet hook usually goes into my bag (and gets stuck in the ball much too often) just for having a magic wand when you need one.

And, yeah, I can be pretty cought up in my knitting these days. But it does keep me relaxed, calm, more tolerant to long trips, awake, more happy, acomplished, warm, good looking, well dressed, liked for gifts and overall a better person. Which ONE hobby can really do all that (and not say Crochet, right now!)

I use a little purse that has a zip top for my current project (usually a sock) and I have my WIP with needles, a small crochet hook, my strander (a little gadget that I wear on my left index finger to prevent “yarn rub” - continental knitting), and a small tape measure. I keep the yarn in the bag while I’m knitting. It works like the GoKnit, but it was a free purse that I got many years ago and can squish up and fit in my purse.

The rest of my yarn and needles, etc. are all over the place in my house. Centrally located but not necessarily cataloged or neat. I’m trying to remedy that but I don’t stress over it.

Isn’t that the truth!!! It’s my newly prescribed therapy, but you can see I’m struggling with the little “nothing, doesn’t matter” stuff like bags instead of knitting. I’m getting there though.

We’re taking our daughter and one-year-old grandson to the beach for a week; unfortunately my SIL is a Marine and can’t get leave right now. Ocean waves, lazy river pool, 3 regular pools, hot tub on balcony, knitting, and reading. My daughter and husband will love entertaining Evan on his first beach trip so I can “do my thing” lots of the time. It just doesn’t get much better than that. :woohoo:
I’m afraid I won’t want to come back to reality…

Why does it say “bad” next to the quote of what I said… :??

When I was deleting the part off your post I didn’t want to reuse, I think I forgot to delete the word “bad”. So sorry–just wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing. Can you tell I need a vacation?

For me a project bag holds 1 or two projects (max!) and is very small. A knitting bag will then hold the project bag (or 2) and other tools. I’ve wound up converting though, I invested in the Spud & Chloe bag that they sold a limited amount of, I bought it to support the company because I love them, and I was sort of shocked by how much I loved it. When I got it I thought “oh its just a big project bag, thats no fun” and now its my most favorite thing on earth. It’s that project bag thin cotton/canvas type material, and I pop my interchangable kit into it, a little zippered bag of tools, and the yarn and needles for 1 or two projects (not in their own project bags). My other knitting bags are all sitting under my table, un-used, and I have a few variouse project bags around the house, some with project sin them, and many un-used.

So my new favorite thing is a “large” project bag with just my knitting supplies in it, sort of like half knitting bag, half project bag. I think I just totally took myself to a new knitting nerd level by explaining all that. blink