Knitting Back and Forth on Circulars

OK…still making this pattern.

I just put my 12 stitches on a stitch holder, and finally figured out how to knit back and forth on circulars. (Thanks Knitty!)

But…I’ve got a quick question. When knitting back and forth on circs…do I have to knit a row then purl a row in order to get stockinette stitch or can I just keep knitting?

I’m confused. :pout:

With flat knitting on circs (knitting back and forth) it is exactly the same as knitting on straights (For St, knit one row then purl the next).

I am also flat knitting on circs (Making an afghan).

Hope that unconfuses you :teehee:

Thanks Stef! That clears it up, because as I was knitting the first couple stitches, I noticed that I was getting purl bumps on the outside, yikes! So I guess this is a purl row, lol. I’m a little worried though, because my back and forth stockinette isn’t as even as my in the round stockinette. Hopefully it’ll turn out alright though.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Glad I could help.

Funny you should mention your purling issue. I am actually knitting my St afghan combination method.

That means that I wrap the yarn the opposite direction when I purl. This twists the st that you knit on the next row, so you need to knit through the back. This is Annie Modesitt’s brilliant technique. It really evens out the purl sts compared to the knit sts. I absolutely love it and recommend it to anyone knitting a flat piece in St.

Maybe you’d want to give that a try. It takes a little while of getting into the grove of basically knitting backwards, but it’s worth it for the finished piece.

I’ll definitely have to look into that! goes to watch Amy’s combination videos :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Yes, you knit then purl to get stockinette - it’s just like straights when you’re going back and forth - it can seem strange at first, but you’ll get the hang of it!

It did seem strange at first. My cable was getting in the way, lol. But once I got the hang of it, it went very smoothly. Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

I am not sure if you are talking about the same thing as I am doing but here goes. I am making a sweater and it calls for straights and I did it with circ. The body was no problem, once I got to the armhole shaping I just divided it in half,put it on straights and worked the front and back separately. I don’t know what I was thinking when I started the sleeve because I was going to do the same thing for the sleeve. Surprise! :oops:

My pattern says to bind off for sleeve cap at each side every other row: 4sts 1 time, 3sts 2 times, 2sts 3time and 1 st 1time, then 2sts at each side until the piece measures 56cm and then bind off 3sts at each side 1 time and the 4sts at each side 1 time. Bind off the rem sts.

Thanks to Ingrid I understand how to do the above binding off but I cant divide it in half like I did the body because there will be a separation in the middle of his shoulder. I cant put it on one needle and work it like I was suppose to because it is in the round and wont fit. I cant BO at the beg and knit to the end and BO the end because I cant start the first stitch or I will be closeing the BO. What am I missing?

Oh, one other question. Ingrid said when I worked the front I cast on 2 less stitches(because I was in the round) so when I started my shaping of the neck just do what it said for the BO. But the BO was at the neck edge and when I finished it said to have 33sts left on each shoulder and I had 32sts left so that was perfect. So now that I am going to shape the sleeve cap should I follow the BO instructions or do one less BO on each side at the end so I have the right amount left? I hope I am making sense to you. I am thinking it might be different because I am shaping from the outside edge not the neck edge. :??

Candy said:

I cant put it on one needle and work it like I was suppose to because it is in the round and wont fit.

you could always knit this part on dpn’s. As for the rest, i will re-read in the morning with a clear head :oops:

No, don’t knit it on dpns. The sleeve is only knit in the round up to the underarm, and then it has to be knit flat for the cap, then sewn into the armholes on the sweater body.