Knitting Baby Blocks - Where to buy foam cubes?

Hi -
I’m working on some baby blocks for my son and the pattern says I need to buy 3" foam cubes from a craft store. I can’t seem to find them anywhere! I don’t want to buy a huge block and cut them up myself (messy and crumbly). Does anyone know where to find foam cubes online?

Much thanks! :heart:

I found this:
so Michaels may have it- it’s just not on their website. I did a search for 3" foam cube styrofoam and found this site- item is 2nd up from the bottom of the page.

I’m not sure if it’s like a packing peanut though- you want a foam block. I would consider stripping some fuzzy dice or finding cheap fabric baby blocks to cover instead.

ETA- try searching “soft baby blocks” on ebay- there are several…

Hope you find some- too bad they didn’t list where to get some!

If you buy the spongy foam from the craft store, cut it with an electric carving knife. It won’t be as messy. That’s how my mother in law cuts it. Kind of like carving a turkey :teehee:

Thanks! I’m so impressed with your sleuthing! I appreciate the help and will figure out whether to go to Michael’s or just order on line tomorrow. :slight_smile: Mary Jo