Knitting attacked by fan

I don’t know what’s gotten into my fan (a rotating GE circa 1955 that my parents bought new), but last night it jiggled itself over next to my knitting bag and ripped the yarn tail from the cast on of my Big Bad Baby Blanket. That yarn tail was wrapped around the spindle of the fan blades and broke right off at the very corner of the blanket. Of course, I am three fourth of the way done with that thing, and the first stitches in the cast on row are slowly pulling apart as it sits there in shock from being assaulted. :help: The expression on my face must have been priceless, DH took one look and actually refrained from commenting.

I suppose my best bet is to review the video on how to insert a needle back into the stitches a row or two above the “accident,” snip the stitches below the needle, and knit back on a couple of rows the other way, but I’ve never done anything remotely like that before and I suspect I’m going to hyperventilate during the procedure.

It’s a garter stitch border, is there any hope it’ll look o.k. afterwards?

I think the fan was trying to say, “I’m old!! Retire me!!!” I have to say that is a first! :rofling:

If you get the needle back in and work it the other way, I think it would look fine, especially if you pick up the stitches at the top edge of the border.

I’m sorry for chuckling, but the attack of the killer fan brings Stephen King to mind. :wink:

I had never heard of a knitting mishap until I came here… kitties attacking knitting, dogs, and now a fan. I would have been in shock too.

I think it will be fine if you pick up the stitches and knit the other way. It could have been worse – like lace or something :shock:

Just look at it this way – now you can learn a new skill. :cheering:

It could have been so much worse. What if it had eaten your whole blanket? I think I would cry…

Oh I’m so sorry you had this mishap with your fan!! I’m sure you’ll figure it out and fix it like new again. :XX:

Bad bad fan. :mad: Bad fan. Bad.

I first read the title as “Attacked by Knitting Fan,” like you were knitting and another knitter up and attacked you!


Thats kinda how I read it too - “knitting attacked by fan” sounded like a good headline =P

I’m sorry your ancient fan decided to attack your knitting I hope you manage to repair it

:wink: Thanks for the encouragement, everyone. I thought I’d just let the blanket sit a day or two while I collect my thoughts and calm down. Gives me time to get the last part of Soleil finished, which for some reason I find myself procrastinating on.

Amy’s video was a big help, the part about “pick up the right side of each stitch” is going to help me keep them in the proper order, I think. Sometimes the simple things are the most important.

Ingrid, your suggestion to pick up at the edge of the border was a good one: it’s more re-knitting, but I think it’ll be a lot less noticeable than starting right in the middle of the border, thanks!

I’ll let you know how it goes…

Oh gosh, hope you can fix it! Bad fan! :frowning: