Good evening to all!

I am a self taught knitter and I’ve been pretty much able to figure out all the patterns I’ve tried, mostly with the Amazing videos on this site! But I’ve come across one that I can’t figure out.

The pattern is for a striped hat with 2 colors. Here is the part I’m having a hard time with:

With “B” make a 3 1/2" I-cord - 4 sts. Change to striaght needles and begin stripe pattern, working back and forth in rows, AT SAME TIME, work shaping on RS rows as follows:

the problem I’m have having a hard time with is the AT THE SAME TIME part. The Hat is 2 rows of white (A) and 2 rows of orange (B) (Go Clemson! Woo!)

I don’t think it’s supposed to be double knitted. And when I try to accomplish what I think they want, it looks like poo. So, I must be doing something wrong.

thank you for any help you can provide!

Happy Knitting!

Basically what you are doing is knitting your stripe pattern and working your shaping on the right side rows. So you while you follow the number of rows for your stripes, on the WS row you just knit or purl (whatever the pattern calls for) and when you work a RS you follow the directions for the shaping.

All it means, is that while you are knitting the stripes, you are ALSO following the shaping instructions.

So, you are knitting 2 rows orange, and then 2 rows white. While knitting those 4 rows, you are ALSO (aka AT THE SAME TIME) following shaping instructions. So if the few rows of shaping were to increase on row one and three (just random guess since you didn’t put that part in) you would knit that row in orange, with the increase, then knit the next row in orange, next row white, and increase again, next row white.

Does that help?

I think so. But just to clarify, I knit 2 rows with white, and 2 rows of orange and just pick up the white again?

Thanks to everyone for their help!


There’s basically two things going on at the same time: the color pattern formed by the striping, and then the shaping (so that it looks like a hat instead of, er, something not-very-hat-like). So you will have a RS row in white (with any shaping changes as appropriate), and then a WS row in white (withOUT shaping, so you don’t change the number of stitches at all), and then you switch to orange and do a RS row in orange (with shaping as appropriate) and a WS row in orange (no shaping), and then switch back to white. Since it’s two rows for each stripe, and since it’s a hat, you can just let the yarn you aren’t using drop and pick up the new yarn; they’ll carry up along the stripe, but it shouldn’t be visible in the end.

Awesome! I think I’ve got most of it!