Knitting as a diet? :)

Hi everyone, I haven’t posted here since the fall, but I still log on and see what’s new every so often. Anyways, I saw something today that I thought was too funny!

From this month’s “Real Simple”:

The question of the month was: What is your secret for staying healthy? Here’s the answer I loved!

“Learning to knit has been a big help for my waistline. In the winter especially, it’s easy to veg out in front of the TV and snack mindlessly. Instead, I knit to keep my hands busy with something other than food, and I wind up with great homemade gifts.”

Now when you’re knitting, just tell people that you’re “working out!”


I seriously did lose weight when I started knitting every night–who can eat Cheetos when you’ve got lovely yarn to handle? It’s when I started skipping entire meals to knit that I got in trouble. :teehee: I’m working on that one, though. I still don’t snack in the evenings at all–not enough hands. :shrug:

wait a minute…we have to stop eating cheetos? :whoosh: there is good reason to knit with nothing but orange yarn ya know!


Hmmm…this chocoholic should start looking for some lovely brown yarn…good idea Brendajos!! :figureditout:

I mean seriously… Loooook!

gee thanks Brendajos… i linked to your site, then saw the curiosly named ‘Steve don’t eat it’ link, where i have spent the last 2 hours cringing, but unable to stop reading… GROSSIOSO!!!

:teehee: :rofl: :teehee: :rofl: :teehee:

sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry! :angelgrin:

ETA: As I think about it… I am pretty sure I learned about Steve on here!

yuck, that’s not healthy for my empty stomach

Unfortunately, I don’t knit very much at night, because I only see my boyfriend then and I don’t want to be knitting all the time when he’s around, so knitting isn’t dieting for me (yet, just wait till I’ve got my own house)

I don’t know about the diet part as I don’t snack in the evenings anyway, but it has helped me cut down on my smoking in the evenings while watching DVDs.

I can identify with you! Although I’ve given up sweets – since Jan 1st. :happydance:

:rofl: :roflhard:

It helped me lose weight and kinda got my whole weight loss thing going…I can’t snack cause I’m knitting and my hands are busy… I’m kinda a bored eater if I don’t have something to do but just watch tv I will eat… I started eating better a year ago and so far have lost 46lbs… I just got 7 more and I’ll reach my goal… which I was closer to before I went home for the holidays… :oops:

You can still eat Cheetos while knitting, do like I do and I use a toothpick to pick them up with. You eat one at a time and no orange fingers! :teehee:

I’m the same way. I’m not a big snacker but I used knitting to help me quit smoking and it did keep me from munching when I was going through the withdraw, so I didn’t really gain after I quit. Knitting. What can’t it do?

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

thats even better than dieting

You mean you don’t just pour it out of the bag into your mouth? :teehee:

Needless to say, I’m a cheeto fan too. If you’re curious to know what this means, click here!

As for eating and knitting, DH and I have a system. When one of us has our hands occupied (for him it’s with video games), the free person pops a morsel of snackage into the other’s mouth upon the hearing the signal – “cheep!” (Unlike real baby birds, we skip the regurgitation part. ;))

I know you guys have read the Debbie Macomber books…(btw way…back on Blossom st. comes out in May I think…) Isn’t knitting how the girl in book two lost weight…or was that the first book…the one who went to live w/ her grandmother…she said somewhere that it kept her from snacking ( I think…or maybe I just made it up…)

I’ve stopped eating after dinner, and it has been the HARDEST thing to do! I’ve realized that I just can’t sit at the computer too much in the evenings, cause then I start to get bored and want to snack. If I sit downstairs and watch tv and knit, I do just fine. (If I start getting bored with a project I have to switch out, though. Have to keep moving or I get snacky.)

:rofl: :rofl: :roflhard: :roflhard: :rofl: :rofl: