Knitting around stitch holders?

My pattern has me knit 21, put 33 on stitch holder, knit 40, put 20 on stitch holder, then knit another 21. The knitted stitches then get knitted for 5 inches. Do I knit all three sets of stitches off the same ball of yarn, pulling it past the stitch holder or do I use different yarn for each, or do one at a time? I’m confused.


It depends what the sts on the holders are for. Usually if they’re being held for sleeves or armholes, you snug up the stitches so the body can be knit in one piece. Putting the sts on scrap yarn is a good way to do it as they will fold up so you can knit the stitches on either sied of them.

Thanks. They are for sleeves. Can you explain snug up?

You want the stitches on either side of the holders to be next to each other with no gaps. A flexible holder like a big safety pin type, or scrap yarn allows the held stitches to fold up so you won’t have to stretch the yarn leaving a gap.