Knitting around a ball?

Hi there wonderful people, I was hoping you could help me out :blush:
I want to knit around a ball that is flexible, I tried to knit a top-down hat and then decrease to make it round but it didn’t work very well. Does anyone know any tricks? preferably without any sewing but if that is the only option I’d like some tips :slight_smile:

Not sure exactly what you mean? Will the ball be encased in knitting? Like this ornament or easter eggs as an example–

Yes the ball will be encased in the knitting. Can I follow the ornament patterns to achive that?

You probably could, but the ball may be a different size than an ornament. The ornament is also hard plastic and you said the ball is flexible? Will it collapse or is it just squishy? In my experience knitting around things I knit to the middle, knit a few rows, then decrease for several rows. You have to stretch the knitting a bit to fit the ornament, egg or in your case ball inside, but it helps it to stay there while you knit around it. It’s a little awkward, but the results are nice. You may have to experiment a bit till you know how many rows you need to do to get to the point of adding the ball. Once you learn the technique you can make any size and have fun with design. :wink:

Here’s another pattern I’ve done for a ball, but I stuffed them with fiberfill. They were for an infant.

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