Knitting and Crocheting Difference

Hi, everyone! I’ve done some basic crocheting as a hobby, but I’m becoming interested into knitting recently. I’m just wondering what’s their difference? I’ve read somewhere that knitting consumes more time than crocheting but the latter uses more yarn to complete one project. I love crocheting and I would also like to learn knitting. Thank you!

I don’t do crochet, but I will say I generally prefer the texture of knitted items over crocheted ones. Crochet tends to feel rough to me. Stocking stitch (knitting) tends to be very smooth, but some yarns can still make it feel rough.
I think knitting can take up more time than crochet (my mum would agree. She’s been trying to get me to take crochet up for a while and this is one of her reasonings, along with “when you drop your hook, you’ve only got one loop to pick back up”!), but sometimes, ‘time consuming’ is just what you need from a hobby anyway!
All in all, knitting is a great activity in its own right, many people enjoy both too.

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Welcome to the forum. Despite the name Knitting Help there is help for crochet questions too.

I started with crochet and then learned knitting. Crochet builds a fabric that is thicker than knitting. It has more layers or overlaps of the yarn in each stitch (except for knitted garter stitch). Crochet can have less drape because of the thicker fabric.

Knitting has more motion in the fabric even with non-stretch yarn because of the serpentine path of the fiber.

Okay, I see. Thank you for your kind answer! I learned something new! I find knitting cool so I’ll try learning it.

I love how this forum is helpful for both crochet and knit learners. Thank you also for your kind answer! I appreciate it. Now I know how they differ in terms of fabric which I’m very curious about.

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Hello, I started knitting and started crochet this past year. I find I like knitted sweaters over crochet ones but crochet a blanket is quicker. I knitted a few throw but it would take me awhile because I would get bored. Crochet throws is funnier, in my opinion, and quicker so it keeps my attention. Knitting hats, mittens, sweaters I like as Jack said the texture is different.

Take a pic of your first knitting project and show your work. I love looking at everyone’s projects, it is inspiring. Have fun.

Check out you tube for basic of knitting!

I can crochet a little, but do far more knitting. The patterns I liked always seemed to be in knit, so I decided I needed to learn how to knit. I still feel the same way.