Knitting and a movie

We watched "Monster-in-Law tonight. (funny!!!)

Anyhow, my daughter and I both noticed the poncho that the girl is wearing on one of the scenes. Is that pattern somewhere?

It is a very cute poncho :slight_smile: I haven’t seen that movie but for some reason I remembered seeing that pattern. (And with my memory that is amazing I remembered where I saw it :roflhard: )

Which girl? I know that there’s a pattern on Lion Brand’s website for a poncho from that movie, but I don’t know if there’s a knit version of it. All I saw was crochet.

Edit: Well there ya’ go. :rofling:

hehehe what is funny is that you are right. Its crochet not knit. I didn’t look that close :doh: :roflhard: I was just so excited that I knew what she was talking about. :blush:

Yep…that’s the one…we need a knitted version though!!!

And that movie is SO funny. I watched it with my 13yo and we laughed and laughed. I coudn’t believe there wasn’t a sex scene.

well i wasn’t much of a fan of the movie (didn’t hate it but mostly…eh) but the poncho was a semi-big deal when it came out (it was no Martha’s Coming Home poncho of course! :wink: )

a good bet when looking for stuff like that though is to check Lion…they seem to be super quick at getting patterns made. E-mail them…it is possible they are working on a Knit pattern or will if there is enough request for it.

I didn’t see the movie yet–but I want to!! Nor have I seen “the poncho” FROM said movie–but HEY!! KNITTING!! AND A MOVIE!! WITH FAMILY!!Now that’s sounds like a capital idea!! :thumbsup:

Don’t you love those times when you know you’re going to be able to have family time and knitkntiknit, too!! The best of both worlds!! And, of course, knitting alone is good ,too, but I love to go to Alabama to my our son’s house twice a year for 2 weeks and see them and my little grandboy, and knit. and knit and knit…and eat and eat and eat (BAD!). Being with family you love and knitting–can one ask for more?? I think NOT! :inlove: :inlove: